Discover new ways to share your stories

Do you want to share your brand’s stories in new and exciting ways? Have you got a fleet of screens that you aren’t using to its full potential? Do you wish to raise brand awareness and capture new audiences? We’ve got the solution for you.

The simplicity and intuitiveness of our content management system, combined with our natural ecosystem of partners, allows you to unleash your full marketing creativity and potential.

Our solution

Digital signage is a digital communications tool that helps to display rich multimedia content, from images and videos to real-time feeds, on a fleet of screens. Our solution can be employed outdoors and indoors, in retail businesses or your place of work, to modernise the way you communicate with your customers or employees.

Are you looking to boost your point of sale or digitise your internal communication?

Point of sale

Greet and inform your visitors, attract a new traffic to your store and increase your revenue.

Internal communication

Inform your employees, involve them in the company and increase the productivity of your business.

How it works

Connect your screens, plug in our Plug & Play player, upload your content and let’s get started! Begin broadcasting in three easy steps:

Choose your content

Upload your content from your computer, add automatically-updated content or create content directly online thanks to our image and video generator.

Schedule your broadcasts

Choose your screens and demarcate your broadcasting periods.

Broadcast your messages

Share your content and communicate instantly on your screens. 

Get in touch with our team of experts and let us help you digitise your communication.