Digital signage brings colour and life to your living spaces. Its full range of features opens up a world of opportunities for communication.

Interactive screen synchronisation

Synchronise your screens, instantly and on demand.

Broadcast your content across multiple screens in real time with the push of a button. Integrate smart buttons and sensors. Trigger broadcasts. Control using your smartphone.

Co-operative management

Manage your broadcasting screens alone or collaboratively.

Define the access rights of each manager. Adapt your screen management to your corporate structure. Our online platform automatically adjusts itself to the way you communicate and offers you a simple and secure multi-user management for all your projects.

Content creation

Customise your videos in an instant.

Choose the right format for your ideas from a wide selection of ready-to-use video templates. Fill up text fields. Change colours. Insert your visuals to create a visual identity that suits you.

Evolving network

Extend your screen network at any time.

Customise and build your screen network to simplify handling and quickly communicate on some or all of your screens. The management platform allows you to add and modify screens easily in your interface.

Dynamic feeds

Streamline your content updates.

Include your custom content, social networks, news feeds and information of general interest in your broadcasts. Connect your internal tools to the platform and display your update company information in real time.

Explore our product features

Unlimited upload

Import your files from your computer in your client area and broadcast them instantly. You can also import videos from all major video-hosting websites.

Multiple orientations

Whatever the orientation of your screen, the display of your content adapts perfectly to ensure an optimal broadcasting and maximum readability.

Continuous display

Our player is based on a professional software designed to work continuously, even in hostile environments. When the connection is lost, the broadcast continues seamlessly.

Maximum availability

Our smart algorithms take over and take control.

Zero configuration

Our player is plug & play: once plugged, it starts up and broadcasts your content automatically. No tedious configuration is necessary and a few seconds are enough to connect your screens and start to communicate with ease.

Smart planning

Our smart algorithms take over the scheduling of your content. No playlist to prepare nor any tedious calendar to fill. Your content transitions seamlessly to guarantee a constant broadcasting stream.

Automatic updates

Your players update automatically without interrupting your broadcast. You also constantly benefit from the latest features.

Automatic updates

Your players update automatically without interrupting your broadcast. You also constantly benefit from the latest features.

High display quality

The players enable you to broadcast your content in full HD for optimal display quality.


You can connect your working tools to the Cenareo platform and automate your company communication. Your data is downloaded and broadcasted automatically on your screens.

Good connectivity

The Cenareo player functions just as well on a wired, ethernet connection, as on a WiFi or a 3G or 4G mobile connection.

If you’d like to test out Cenareo’s product features for yourself, drop us a line.