Cenareo revolutionises the use of digital signage by providing a collaborative software solution for professionals confronted with the challenges of managing a fleet of screens.

Brighten up your communication

Digital signage is the ideal tool to boost your business, upgrade your sales points, revitalise your store and increase your business’s productivity. Its great versatility allows you to modernise the image of your company, to promote your expertise at a point of sale or reception, or simply to replace the cork notice board.

It is also perfect to brighten up communal spaces, for promotion in pharmacies, information in restaurants and real estate agencies, entertainment in waiting rooms, or to guide visitors and welcome them in tourist offices.

It starts with us

We’ve developed the easiest digital signage solution available on the market. It takes only a few minutes to get set up and get started.

The player

Our Plug & Play player connects your fleet screens and allows them to be controlled remotely.

If you’ve just received your Cenareo player, you can install it in only a few moments.

The screens

Broadcast your content seamlessly in high quality across multiple screens.

Whether you’re already equipped or not, get in touch to see how we can help you.

The platform

Our digital platform allows you to manage, create, research and add content to your fleet of screens.

Request a demo and test our platform.

Goodbye black screens

Enjoy a full range of benefits when using our software and wave goodbye to static communication.

Plug & Play player

Don’t worry about the installation anymore: connect and share.

Automatic scheduling

Let the intelligent algorithms do their job or take over and take control.


Our interfaces and algorithms adapt to your needs.

Intuitive navigation

Control your screens with ease, from your PC, tablet or smartphone.


Our solution can be installed and used without any prior technical skills.

Continuous display

The player broadcasts without interruption, even without an internet connection.

Constant upgrades

All improvements and updates – preventive or curative – are included.

Maximum compatibility

All image and video formats are accepted.

Support and assistance

We offer personalised support and assistance.

Real time operation

Control and supervise your screens in real time, and be notified of any issues.

Multiple screens

Synchronise your screens and give your messages a greater immediacy.

Content creation

Numerous customisable high-quality video templates available.

Co-operative management

Steer your communication with your team thanks to various available access levels.


Give your messages a whole new dimension by introducing interactivity.

Find out more about our solution