Etam entrusts its screens to Cenareo

It was on the occasion of the Paris Fashion Week and the Paris Retail Week that we celebrated our partnership with the Etam group. All Etam and Undiz European stores are going to be equipped with our digital signage solution.

This new partnership is part of the strategy announced by the group to strengthen the image of its brands across Europe, already phygital pioneers in the retail world.

Great stories to tell

Already integrated into the concepts of the flagship stores and most of the stores of the chain, Cenareo is going to equip all 425 screens of the group over the coming year as well as all the new store openings in Europe.

With compelling communication campaigns under way and innovations such as the Etam Connect loyalty programme, the group has no lack of great stories to tell.

Cenareo is delighted to be the herald of these positive messages. We are proud to be tasked with ensuring the dissemination of these two brands. We are now going to work on contextualising themes in order to improve the impact of the in-store messages. Our challenge, is to guarantee transmission of the brands’ worlds through the screens.
David Keribin, CEO, Cenareo
Team work

The partnership was presented at the conference of Club Digital Media on Thursday 26.

Simon Caillot, Procurement Director at Etam, presented the role of digital signage screens in the group’s sale outlets. Cécile Morel, who hosted this talk, was accompanied by Marc Ballu, Director of the Retail Media agency. Together we showed the importance of the team work of all the players of a digital media project: the brand and its stories, the software and the agency.

A rewarding week for the brands!

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