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As the exponential growth of e-commerce continues, bricks-and-mortar retailers are compelled to find new and engaging ways to connect and interact with their customers in-store; Cenareo provides the easiest way to fuse digital and physical shopping to create an amazing, yet cohesive multi-channel experience. Cenareo's digital signage software opens-up a myriad of new options for in-store displays and it can make a real difference for customers. Cenareo allows you to connect any type of screen and then manage all your communications thanks to the most simple yet effective solution on the market.

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A Digital Signage SaaS provider is only as good as the Company it keeps...

Add content from your computer, laptop or smartphone or dynamic content from the Internet. Create new videos from our quality templates, or connect external feeds to get up-to-date information; plan and contextualise broadcasts intelligently, either with individual screens or with clusters, it's as easy as child's play. Our solution has revolutionised the use of digital signage.


Retail digital signage solutions

68% of customers** state that digital signage would make them more likely to buy advertised products and 44% percent of customers** went further, saying it would influence them to buy the advertised product instead of a product they already planned to purchase! That’s why forward-thinking retailers are rapidly taking to digital signage - and it's working.

When Nielsen tracked 120 grocers who use digital signage in their stores, they found that 80% of them saw as much as a 33% boost in sales when compared to using standard printed signs.

**Source Shopify

Retail signage software can boost sales up to 33%

In-Store Digital Signage

Connected fleets of screens offer endless possibilities. Retail digital signage solutions are a relatively new point of sale digitalisation tool, that permits retailers to adapt and be totally flexible to the ever-changing purchasing behaviour of their customers. Digital signage is one of the key ways to enhance the customer experience in-store.

  • Automatically adapt your broadcasts in real-time

    Make your content responsive to the environment: use detectors or third-party applications to automatically trigger (no human intervention) your broadcasts (weather reactive, facial detection, motion detectors, thermal sensors, etc.).

  • Unique interactive experiences for more customer engagement.

    QR codes, sensors, connected buttons, tablets: there a wealth of opportunities to dramatise your point of sale, limited only by your imagination. Gamification tools can also be deployed to measure your audience and advert performance.

  • Generate more revenue streams by turning your displays into media vehicles.

    Monetise communication spaces with your own suppliers, promoting their brands or special offers or even external advertisers. Our platform allows precise segmentation of your screen fleet to offer the most relevant sites to your advertisers, guaranteeing a maximum ROI.

Discover our retail digital signage solutions

Change your campaigns automatically in real-time

Change your content automatically depending on a range of environmental factors: use detectors or third-party applications to trigger adverts, without human intervention. You can change your broadcasts according to weather conditions, facial detection, motion detectors, thermal sensors, etc.).

Engage your audience with interactive scenarios

Create unique interactive experiences for more engagement with your customers. QR codes, sensors, connected buttons, tablets: there's a wealth of opportunities to make your point of sale more relevant and dramatic. These features can also be tools for measuring audience and communication performance.

Monetise your screens thanks to programmatic and function controls

Generate additional revenue streams by turning your advertising displays into media centres: Monetise communication spaces with your suppliers' adverts or external advertisers. Cenario's platform allows precise segmentation of your screens to deliver the most relevant sites to your advertisers and clients, guaranteeing a maximum return on investment.

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Cenareo Digital Signage Benefits
Draw-in window shoppers and boost Foot-Fall

Digital Signage for shop windows

The benefits of digital signage begin well before customers even set foot in the shop. Retail digital signage solutions help you create more powerful and engaging window displays. For example, you can use retail signage software to update window displays to reflect whatever focus or promotions are happening in-store at that moment.

But one of the biggest benefits of digital signage in the window is movement. Because retail digital signs can move and change, they’re way more likely to catch the eye of shoppers and passers-by. Printed signs only capture shoppers' interest for as long as it takes to read them. When signs change and move, you can draw shoppers in, both visually and physically. That means you’ve grabbed their attention and you have a literal foot in the door. Add to that the power of facial recognition, delivering incredibly targeted messages based on age and gender and you have a very powerful retail signage solution.


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Share Product Information and Up-sell

Remote shop content management

Run-out of a product or a surplus of stock? Use smart digital POS to inform your customers in real-time of the issue or run a national promotion in your stores.

You have sales staff who can answer customer questions about any product in the store. But isn’t their time better spent encouraging sales than answering the same questions, over and over again?

With Cenareo digital signage software, you have the power to display more product information for customers to reference. You can also engage customers with interactive displays that give them the information they’re looking for, which in turn will free-up sales staff to use their time to sell! You can even offer authoritative product comparisons, making it easier for customers to make a buying decision.

Our digital signage solution also enables you to boost sales through up-selling and cross-selling — without having to increase your staff numbers. Via the easy to use Cenareo SaaS platform, you can program digital displays to offer recommendations and promote add-on items. Quite simply you could have say six digital stations per store that are working to grow your store’s revenue, even if you only have two sales people on the shop floor.

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Cenareo Digital Signage Cafe

Integrate Digital Signage into your retail marketing plan and start to accelerate your brand and boost sales

The most successful retailers have become more than just a shop to customers. Retailers like Apple, Swatch and Ben & Jerry’s are known more for their brands than their products. It’s your story that draws customers in and keeps them coming back. Digital signage will free-up the shop floor to tell that story within the shop, and offers retailers a high-tech, visual method of relaying your brand story to shoppers.

Pop-up stores, concessions or shop-in-shops are another practical use for digital signage. When your space is really limited (because you’re in someone else’s retail space), they can help draw customer attention to your products and displays with messaging that’s simple to change, and highly adaptable.

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