Multichannel corporate communication software

More than a simple software, Cenareo is a digital communication solution designed for all types of screens: one-to-many screens in the back office and in the offices, one-to-one co-worker screens (PC, smartphone).

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The issues to digitalize communication

The COVID-19 pandemic sped up the digital transformation of companies for 7 years. Studies have proven that a successful digital experience improves employee engagement in several facets; productivity, profitability, retention... There is a positive impact on customer satisfaction.

of front line managers say they miss out on critical information from the headquarters
of co-workers evaluate that a better digital experience improves their daily efficiency

The current employers implement Flex Office and take into account hybrid work and front line workers. To ensure digital inclusion for all co-workers, discover the Cenareo multi-channel corporate communication software.


Innovative internal communication software

Good communication is key to keeping your teams updated, engaged, and productive. Cenareo guarantees you consistent communication between on-site and off-site workers.

Easily create and broadcast your internal communication campaigns to reach as many co-workers as possible in an engaged and pertinent way; screens in the offices, backrooms, agencies, and factories are integrated and broadcast in the workers’ collaborations tools and digital workplaces.

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Engage your co-workers, on-site or remotely

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Easily integrate screens in your internal communication plan

Improve the employee experience in your offices, backrooms, agencies, factories, warehouses... Increase the value of your teams and your employer's brand reputation with pertinent glocal communication. Broadcast a stream of messages that are updated in real-time through a custom template to increase productivity, impact, and pertinence. Select the best partner for harmonious and consistent internal communication.

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Propose an inclusive and engaging employee experience

Choose omnichannel communication and reach your co-workers, even those working remotely. Cenareo connects to your communication tools (Microsoft Teams, Google Workspace, Facebook Workplace, Slack...). The campaigns broadcast on your screens are also displayed broadcast on your internal tools for full digital inclusion.


Boost post engagement

Engage your audience by broadcasting your Instagram/Facebook feeds on your screens and Digital Workplace:

  • brand image: better reach and engagement rate for your publication
  • Push your corporate initiatives (CSR) internally or externally
  • Inform and engage more co-workers (jobs that make sense, employer engagement)
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Internal communication uses

Our internal communication solution gets used to your company, your tools, and your teams for fast deployment and powerful projects with good ROI.

  • Screen fleet for internal communication in the office and workspace
  • Digital Workplace integration (Digital Work Environment, intranet, collaborative tools)
  • Microsoft Teams, Google Workspace, Facebook Workplace, Slack etc.
  • Smartphone integration for co-workers with low digital tools

The screens are deployed on 18 sites in 14 countries and broadcast company information. The messages are translated into 8 different languages so that, from Brasil to Canada and from China to Australia, all the co-workers can access consistent and corporate information.


Ready to become the digital and human employer of tomorrow?

More than a simple software, Cenareo is a digital communication solution that fits all kinds of screens: one-to-many in-store screens and in the office, one-to-one screens for co-workers (PC, smartphone).

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Increase your employees’ engagement: we can help you!

Increase your employees’ engagement: we can help you!