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Deployment of interactive digital signage screens in AXA agencies

AXA chose the Cenareo signage software to welcome and inform its customers in their agencies. The digital signage screen broadcasts the information from the company. At any time, via their smartphone or the tablets at their disposal in the agencies, the customers can take control of the screens and choose the content to broadcast (within content preselected by the company).

Our contribution

The flexibility of the Cenareo solution allows AXA to presents its customers with a custom made information tool. BYy taking control of the screen, they are more engaged by the content and thus more receptive to its message. The powerful analysis tools included in the solution allow the agencies to follow with precision the impact of their broadcasts, the waiting time of the customers and enhance their communication in real-time.

  • Interactivity: any smartphone or tablet can control the display.
  • Real-time system: the users can choose the content to display

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