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Increasing employee engagement in a multi-site international company: Diana Pet Food

1090 employees, not all of whom have access to a computer, 14 countries, 18 plants around the world and a brand to promote internally in 8 languages! That is the complex situation faced by Diana Pet Food, which specialises in high added value solutions improving the wellbeing of cats and dogs, and satisfaction among their owners. So, faced with that, how do you find the ideal way to optimise your internal communications?

Unequal access to information

From the manager who is constantly online to the production operative who has no computer, not all employees have access to information in the same way. Internal communication is a central element in rallying people around brand values, ensuring an equal level of information between different employees and different countries, and creating greater cohesion. Since newsletters and the intranet are not sufficiently inclusive tools, Diana Pet Food dreamed up a new dynamic communication system with screens, in partnership with Cenareo.

Each of the company’s sites has 1 to 5 screens depending on its size and layout. Installed in common areas (staff rooms, cafeteria, canteen etc.), the screens are accessible and readable so that messages can easily be broadcast to teams.

In total, we have 34 screens across the 14 countries, circulating group information. The messages have been adapted into 8 different languages so that all workers, from Brazil to Canada and from China Australia, can have access to harmonised information, ” says Cécile Briendo, Communication Project Manager at Diana Pet Food.

Strengthening the brand by adapting to local differences

Within an international group, it is essential to localise the content circulated. Thus, every week, the company’s communication department shares roughly 8 new messages, translated into the group’s 8 languages.

Sharing corporate content in English with Brazilian employees wouldn’t make much sense. Through the content management platform, it’s easy for us to feed each of the screens according to language, using the “screen groups” feature.

Added to that, sites can take control of their own communication. At present, nearly 80 people have access to the management platform, enjoying user rights governed by Head Office.

Each piece of information can therefore be local (relating to a site), regional (linked to a content), or international (when it comes to corporate communication). The latter accounts for 70% of messages.

Thus the screens broadcast news about the business and projects under way, they share best practice, also announcing the arrival of new employees, along with local information and initiatives, such as a catering truck in the plant’s car park, for example.

With this easy-to-use platform, anyone can manage the creation and broadcast of content, whether they work in reception, human resources, or site administration
Cécile Briendo, Communication Project Manager at Diana Pet Food
Happy employees

According to an internal survey conducted one year after the solution was installed, Diana Pet Food has seen that among those taking part* more than half of employees have got into the habit of looking at the screen at least once a day.
Here are some key figures:

  • 95% of respondents say they “come across” a screen every day
  • 60% look at it at least once a day
  • 46% look at more than 3 messages in succession

The combination of local and global information ensures optimised, targeted and personalised content. And that enhances access to information, making internal communication a lever for performance, regardless of how complex the environment is. A completely successful process for Diana Pet Food, because one year on from the project launch, 90% of people who responded to the survey were happy with the digital signage on the screens.

*approximately 10% of the panel

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