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DOOH: Cenareo and Displayce boost your programmatic revenue

Two solutions, one collaboration… Displayce and Cenareo have found the winning formula to make it easy to adopt programmatic advertising with a quick ROI. Simply put, they are combining their respective expertise in programmatic and DOOH. Customers will now enjoy a direct connection to more than 90 media agencies and 300 traders. This integration creates an opportunity to boost programmatic revenue quickly and automatically.

Cenareo, an expert in SaaS-based digital signage, and Displayce, the leader in programmatic DOOH, came together thanks to a shared customer, Smartmedia.

Together, the two companies aim to automate the set of processes inherent to programming ad campaigns.

A new data-driven digital channel

For Out-of-Home advertising companies, digital signage is vital. For advertising companies that already embrace digitization, automating the rollout of campaigns is equally important.

We’ve been working with Smartmedia for two years to monetize their inventory through a new channel: our programmatic platform,” explains Laure Malergue, founder and CEO of Displayce. “If the ‘request’ portion, meaning the selling of ad space through agencies, were 100% automated with no collaboration between Cenareo and Displayce, managing campaigns on the publisher side would still have to be done manually in the platform. That would include reporting and updating availability, approving and scheduling a campaign, and so on.

Displayce’s programmatic platform allows media agencies to buy ad space on digital posters and billboard. Connected to some 20 advertising companies and many data partners, the platform provides optimised targeting through AI, based on third-party data, on more than 38,000 digital posters and billboards. With such a large number of options, automating the entire process chain is crucial. Merging Displayce’s services with Cenareo’s technology has made it possible to implement the first fully automated campaigns for advertising companies, in just three months, for Smartmedia.

Three interconnected data streams

As a content management and display screen management platform, the Cenareo solution is instrumental at three levels.

Level 1: Inventory reports and real-time updates to available inventory by advertising companies. Each broadcast location receives value-added content—for example, the screen’s exact location, the potential target reached, types of signs nearby—to enable the Displayce platform to quickly identify screens that fit the needs of the advertiser.

Level 2: Automatic scheduling. Once approved in the Displayce platform, the ad campaign can be created on the fly in the Cenareo solution, which connected to the platform through API. The Displayce platform then sends it information about which content to broadcast, on which date, and on which screens.

Level 3: Daily automated reports to indicate the number of spots broadcasted during the day on a given screen. Displayce can show the advertiser that the right content was broadcasted the right number of times on the right screen.

Connecting our two systems together using API turned out to be very simple. Automating the entire process speeds everything up. We can buy posters and billboard in near real time and schedule campaigns in just a few hours.
Strong growth in programmatic ad revenue

So, how does the solution actually work? Smartmedia teams receive an alert as soon as a campaign is sold. They then have to approve the broadcast locations, the media, and the advertiser, and the advertising campaign is automatically scheduled. About 20 campaigns have already been conducted in the past six months.

Content can be programmed to a screen in just a few hours. Publishers save lots of time because they can put out new campaigns without having to prospect or go through the acceptance procedure. Automation also considerably lowers the risk of scheduling errors.” Faster turnaround at all levels is possible with access to a continually updated inventory of available screens. Now, as soon as a screen is installed, it can be offered to advertisers. No more missed sales opportunities or mix-ups over unavailable screens! “The solution gives campaigns a higher level of quality and reliability. This greatly speeds up ROI.
Moving toward campaigns that can be fine-tuned at any time

This first successful step in the collaboration between Displayce and Cenareo is already opening up new possibilities for advertising companies and their advertisers. The common goal is to be able to work on more complex campaigns with dynamic content and real-time processes.

With Smartmedia, we will eventually be able to make changes to a campaign as it is being broadcasted in response to an outside event. The idea is to ultimately move toward content that can be changed in real time and at any time within an ongoing campaign.

This is an intermediary step before rolling out the platform to new customers.

About Displayce

Displayce is the leading technological platform designed to optimise the buying, impact, and quality of ad campaigns run on digital posters and billboards (DOOH). Using this programmatic platform, media agencies have access to France’s widest digital inventory in just one click and can thus maximise the value of their advertisers’ campaigns in premium formats, within targeted environments, and to a mass audience. This artificial intelligence-based proprietary technology offers automated buying of screen space, strong ability to differentiate when targeting, campaign impact optimisation, and a measurement of the quality of reach. Led by Laure Malergue et Marie Gaestel, the Displayce purchasing platform is used by every media agency in France. Three years after its launch, the company has more than 38,000 digital posters in its inventory.

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