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How Maison de la Presse brands are boosting their receipts by +12% thanks to a digital shop concept?

Transform or risk disappearing. This is the situation of many businesses that for several years have been faced with deep-seated changes. To reinvent themselves, retailers are now focusing on a redesigned and digitised customer journey. And digital signage is the spearhead of the digitisation of the outlet. An illustration with the reinvention of the Maison de la Presse network.

A new concept to meet new needs

Maison de la Presse stores are the leading local cultural network. In order to modernise its stores, the NAP group that leads and develops the brand, in 2018 launched a new Maison de la Presse concept called “convergence”. Its goal is to completely redesign the stores in order to clarify and simplify the customer journey. Although the store front, layout, furniture and signage change, it is above all digitisation, a strong marker of the concept that modernises and reinvigorates the brand.

For the brand’s outlets with a very diverse offering of products and services (newspapers and magazines, books, telephony, games/toys, snacks, tobacco, stationery, parcel shipping, sundries, etc.), digital signage is an excellent lever for enhancing and strengthening the visibility of the entire offering by relying on strategically placed displays: in the window at the store entrance or directly integrated into the product shelves.

Deeply rooted in its local area, each Maison de la Presse broadcasts the news of its home town on its digital displays and plays in full its role as a local cultural actor. (Exhibitions, upcoming activities in a media library, public health information, authors’ book signings, etc.). Digital signage is also the perfect tool for attracting and retaining our new customers.

For the retailer’s business partners, this new medium reinvents the traditional branding mechanisms already in place in the stores, by multiplying the opportunities for high visibility thanks to 360° campaigns.

Today, more than 50 outlets have incorporated this new concept and are equipped with the Cenareo solution: Each store has at least one window display. In all, more than 100 Cenareo displays have been deployed.

+ 12.3% monthly receipts in 2019

+24,7% Multimedia
+37.3% Toys
+ 15,8% Food

(Average receipt increases recorded from January to December 2019 compared to 2018 in modernised stores.)

How does digital signage work in the Maison de la Presse network?

In Maison de la Presse stores, displays placed on the endcap animate trading during the high points of the year (end of year holidays, father’s and mother's days, the summer season, back to school, etc.). Products placed on the endcap shelf benefit from dedicated visibility via the adverts broadcast on the display to increase impulse purchases.

Although the content is mainly national, each manager can now customise the local communications of their outlet using several modifiable templates. This is a good practice which ensures brand consistency across the network, while giving the stores the freedom to deliver relevant and tailored messages according to their needs, audience and local area. The NAP group also adapts the national content according to the offering of the outlet such as the existence of pick-up services (the post office, Amazon), the presence of Free Mobile interactive terminals, DHL express shipping, etc. All aspects which encourage customer loyalty and transform a simple store into a multimedia, multi-service hub.

And during the Covid crisis?

As the press is included in “essential” activities, 90% of sales outlets remained open during the lockdown. The broadcast of prevention and communication campaigns on protective measures helped smooth the customer journey while reassuring customers.

As many other stores were closed, it was also necessary to make the extent of the offering known during this period: stationery, games, toys, books, etc. to best meet the needs of citizens.

And Cenareo in this story?

NAP began using the Cenareo platform to meet the need for standardising its internal communications for the employees on its two sites: Toulouse and Paris.

Convinced by the simplicity of installation and use of the solution and the ability, eventually, to entrust part of its management to its members, NAP chose to extend use of the solution to its sale outlets.

The NAP group and la Française des Jeux with Cenareo’s technical support have developed an automatically updated data feed to display the amounts of payouts in real time.
For the retailer, no actions are needed after a new draw, as the information is automatically updated. A perfect way to take advantage of the potential offered by digital signage.

For the Maison de la Presse network, digital signage is a flexible solution that can be used by the members themselves. An easy-to-use tool with a strong impact in improving the presentation of a expanding offering, that appeals by its effectiveness.

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