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DOOH: targeted audiences to boost ROI

Smartmédia is an advertising company that has been a partner of Cenareo for many years.
The company, a Mass Market display media, owns more than 1,000 displays in malls and shopping centres across France to support purchasing and enhance consumers’ media journey.

Key figures for Smartmédia:

  • 226 shopping centres in France
  • 30% nationwide mall coverage (DOOH)
  • 1,017 displays in shopping malls across France

Customers include Leclerc, Système U, Carrefour, Cora, Auchan, Intermarché and Monoprix.

+15.5% incremental sales for Smartmedia post tests.

Cenareo and Smartmedia have been partners for 4 years, striving to develop the company’s digital network, which has grown from 15 to 1,000 displays in only 2 years!
And the results are tangible with incremental sales post tests at 15.5% (IRI). This corresponds to the additional sales of a product advertised on a display.

Targeting: the challenge of DOOH

Today, aiming to increase its stock by 300 displays each year, Smartmedia’s is focused on audience qualification to guarantee the best campaign ROI for its advertisers.

Which tools can promote better targeting?

1/ Audience qualification using face detection

Smartmedia recently conducted face detection tests. 35% of its equipment features cameras connected to the Masseev detection system.

The primary objective was to collect audience qualification data to generate audience profiles. The cameras can capture 150 points on the face of subjects to determine their age, gender and eye tracking.

Key figures

  • 127 million contacts
  • 72 representative centres fitted with cameras
  • An audience profile in 5-year groups, by age and gender

Advantage 1: accurate audience profiles
This solution provides immediate information about who - by age and gender - visits the shop, hourly, daily, weekly and monthly.

Advantage 2: The message is automatically broadcasted to the right target

The combination of Masseev and Cenareo solutions pushes content in real time; according to the target walking past the billboards.

According to the data detected by the cameras, the broadcasting loop is modified to broadcast the right content. The result is measured in relation to the number of modifications made: if the loop was modified 365 times, this indicates that 365 of them were exposed to the message and fall within the advertiser’s target.

This results in accurate targeting and better ROI for the advertiser.

For example, we know that August is the quietest month for shopping centres and December the busiest, achieving 10.7% of the annual traffic. 
2/ Smart Weather: the broadcasting context prevails

In addition to broadcasting to the right target, Smartmédia can select the weather context for broadcasting the advertisements.

Integrating this context-dependent data into the contents scheduling optimises the impact of the advertisements and the relevance of the message conveyed.

The advertiser can choose to relate the weather of the site where the display is installed with its advertisements. This way, the outside temperature and rainfall will automatically trigger the broadcasting of the advertisement.

Choosing to broadcast a specific advertisement only on sunny days at a temperature between 25 and 30° is now possible.
Accurate reporting

Smartmedia has been granted the “DOOH trust” certification by ACPM, like Clear Channel, Mediatransports, JCDecaux, in-Store Media, IMediacenter and Phenix Digital.

This certification assesses and certifies the proper broadcasting of DOOH campaigns. This means that the spaces purchased by advertisers will be guaranteed. The certification is a sign of reliability for advertisers and evidence of the efficiency of Cenareo’s solution, complete with detailed and reliable reports.

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