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Etam changes its digital signage approach for a more profitable solution

Retail outlets are increasingly equipped with displays to offer content that is more flexible and dynamic to their customers. However, in most cases managing the display content is complex, many people are involved and any technical intervention to resolve a malfunction is often time-consuming and laborious. Even though displays should make life easier for communicators and improve the customer experience, they become a cost centre for the business in terms of time, money, and energy.

It is against this background that Etam group, which has over 4,000 stores worldwide, decided to transform its approach to digital signage, in partnership with Cenareo.

Redeploying its digital communications

“Displays in shop windows have now become normal. However, when they don’t work or display incorrectly, this can have a direct impact on communications and the attractiveness of a shop, because a blank screen is a disappointing customer experience.” Simon Caillot, Etam Group Purchasing Manager stated.

This was a situation experienced by Etam due to a complex and expensive system requiring lots of intermediaries in the event of questions, problems or malfunctions. This is without taking into account that the greater the number of stores, the more complex the situation is to manage and the more the in-store teams become distracted from their main tasks of making sales and giving advice. To make its communications more efficient and cost-effective, Etam group decided to entrust Cenareo with deploying a new system.

We were looking for a partner to facilitate the deployment and management of a large fleet of displays. Cenareo was chosen thanks to its ergonomic solution, which adapts the contents to their broadcast context which its technical team then seamlessly deployed.
Simon Caillot, Etam Purchasing Director
Specific needs for the brand

Multiple sizes
Each shop is equipped with different display sizes. Communication campaigns and content can therefore be prepared to adapt to all situations. The Cenareo solution is also able to deliver customised content for each outlet.

Independent management
Remotely controlled, the displays can be easily updated in just a few clicks by the Etam teams, without the need for an outside provider.

The content can adapt to external factors. If, on the same day, it is raining in Brest and is hot and sunny in Marseille, the display of the Breton shop will promote a warmer outfit, while that of the Mediterranean city can, for example, present a new range of swimwear.

Fast management and proactive support
Thanks to the Cenareo SaaS platform, the retailer knows exactly how many displays it has and what content is broadcast in which place. It can also act very quickly in the event of a problem (power outage, poorly adapted or sized content, problem with a video, etc.) thanks to alerts updated in real time and a single contact person.

A scalable solution
With outlets in 55 countries, and strong digitisation of its tools, Etam group needs to choose solutions that can grow with it: multilingual support, technology that can easily be interfaced with third-party solutions etc.

The time savings are huge and the processing time needed to solve a technical problem has shrunk from one week to one day. The in-store and head office staff are extremely happy with it.

Now that its brand communication is becoming more consistent in providing experiential content, this redeployment has boosted average sales thanks to the content which is broadcast, greater attention paid to it by customers thanks to the dynamism of the messages and strong value-added customisation which better meets customers’ expectations.

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