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How Damartex gathered its teams with digital signage

Towards greater horizontal co-operation between teams

The Damartex group, which has about fifteen sites and subsidiaries in Europe, had to solve the following equation: how to spread a common culture and values within the group, while respecting the specificities of each brand across Europe? But how do you manage to interconnect your teams instantly with each other in order to create horizontal co-operation? Indeed, the structures and subsidiaries are sometimes separated by several hundred kilometres.

With the aim of implementing a harmonised communication strategy that is easy to deploy, adopt and enhance, this is the story of the deployment of digital signage for internal communication at Damartex.

Damartex opts for digital signage by Cenareo

Damartex logically called on Cenareo to disseminate its internal communication and convey a dynamic brand image to all its employees. It opted for the digital signage: 35 screens were deployed at twelve sites.

The HR and IT communication managers of each site add their own content and update it in real time through a reactive and modular display system. The content is simply integrated from a management platform accessible from any computer or tablet by the screen administrator, then distributed according to specific criteria: Is it raining? Prevention messages are broadcast. Road traffic conditions are displayed at peak hours, etc.
Guillaume Galasso, PMO, Groupe Damartex
The corporate culture is shared on screens
Cenareo players are Plug and Play and sent by mail. Upon reception, simply plug them into the screens to operate. The solution then allows each subsidiary and the group to broadcast any media format.

The group can also use online customisable templates. In addition, each subsidiary has its own communications: the content is segmented and each can broadcast what it wants on its own channel. Anyone having an user right can publish in several teams, from executive assistants to internal communication teams and IT. The headquarters keep broadcasting rights on all the channels.

Scenarios at all times

These dynamic panels in reception areas, cafeterias and other shared work areas enable the company to script its internal communication. Either to present the new collection of a brand of the group to all its subsidiaries, to communicate the life of the brands between its structures or indicate traffic conditions. This well-integrated solution is appreciated by employees, who see it as a natural, first-rate information system that can unite teams. The announcements made have high added value: announcement of common objectives by management, communication of events by the works committee, etc. Today, the solution is deployed at all Damartex sites in Germany, England, Belgium and France.

About Damartex

The Damartex Group, one of the main European distributors for seniors, aims to become the European leader in the silver economy.It brings together three poles:
• "Fashion": Damart, Afibel, La Maison du Jersey, Xandres
• “Home & Lifestyle”: 3 PAgen, Vitrine Magique, Coopers of Storford, Jours Heureux, Delaby
• “Healthcare”: Segadyl and Santéol
The Group is mainly present in Europe, notably in France, Great Britain, Belgium and Germany.

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