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How Roofmart took charge of digital signage in its agencies in record time

Ideally interconnecting its 18 agencies

The specialist of sealing and insulation solutions for roofs and terraces, Roofmart had an urgent requirement to boost and standardise its communication. After completing a project on digital technology, the issue of communication in the sales outlets was brought to the fore.

We had to find an easy way to communicate in one or all 18 agencies without having to send a document or a poster to be printed.
Carole Zeller, communications/marketing officer at Roofmart.
Digital signage boosts communication

The ideal communication solution needed to meet three criteria: not tie up the teams in the regions, be suitable for the agencies whose display areas are limited and ensure that the messages are clearly seen by customers. “The screen stood out as the simple and easy way to boost communication in our agencies”, Carole explained.

We then simply had to find the ideal digital signage partner. Roofmart logically wished to use our solution. Specialised in digital signage in sales outlets, we installed 18 screens in Roofmart’s agencies. “The Cenareo solution has met our requirements.”

Taking charge in 30 minutes flat!

She manages all the screens and their contents herself. “I had the pleasant surprise when starting work to find a tool already installed and extremely easy to take charge of.”

It’s a very simple and intuitive solution. 30 minutes’ training with Cenareo was enough for me to take charge of the platform and put the various content online.

Each store manager can also take over if they want to display local content. To inform the technical support of a problem, they can contact Cenareo’s teams directly. “The customer service is very responsive and provides a solution quickly after contacting the agency. I do not simply have a mail box role in my relationship between the teams on the ground and the technical support”.

Cenareo screens central to the agency-customer relationship

Carole displays all kinds of content every day, from the promotion of new products to the local weather, customer events like boat trips, closures for inventory, etc. Digital signage helps conserve the relationship between each agency and its customers. The store managers are also satisfied with the system installed. They see it both as a tool for helping sales and for promoting dialogue between the sales staff and customers. Carole confirms: “When they have something to say, they systematically ask for it to be displayed on the screen. This means that this channel of communication is important for them.” Proof therefore of its success!

About Roofmart

Roofmart relies on its 18 agencies located throughout France to provide sealing and insulation solutions for roofs and terraces. With 18 years’ experience in France, it is backed by the worldwide specialist, IKO. Its material trading network was up to now little digitised. This had an impact on promoting its services such as equipment rental, delivery to work sites and product training. Integrating our digital signage solution in the sales outlets has really boosted its digital communication.

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