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Animating healthcare facilities with displays : the example of the John Bost Foundation

The mission of the institution, which receives dependent elderly people and patients suffering from mental disorders and physical and/or mental disabilities, is to provide care and support to the residents. At the organisational level, this therefore means there is little time for management and staff to see each other to discuss issues and to pass on the right messages. Given this situation, what is the right tool to boost internal communications as well as that between caregivers, the educational staff, residents and their families? This is where dynamic communication with a display system can contribute to change.

The John Bost Foundation: a place of care, life and meaning

A protestant foundation created in 1848, it provides care to 700 residents in 38 establishments and units in France whose original philosophy, “structures without walls and fences”, is still relevant today. Among its 2,000 employees, comprised of care, support and administrative staff, few have access to a computer workstation on a regular basis. Arnaud Bigex, director of the Foundation’s communications department, needed to find a way to boost information sharing:

« It was essential to find a way of communicating that was easy to manage, accessible and that would be read and seen by as many people as possible in each establishment. The foundation needed an instant communication tool to supplement meetings, emails, internal memos and paper notices, for a multi-site organisation with different messages to be communicated, depending on the regions and establishments. »

Digital signage: the ideal solution

Digital signage is the solution chosen by the John Bost Foundation. It is a simple solution that can be managed directly by the Foundation’s managers to organise and display relevant content on displays, regardless of the location. Each site has at least one display so that everyone (visitors, patients, residents, families, caregivers, support staff, and administrative staff) can view the life of the facility.

Displays as a sharing place

39 displays have thus been installed and equipped with the Cenareo communication solution. Easy to use, the solution allows the managers of each establishment or site to post content and administer their displays, in addition to the national communications, managed from the headquarters in Dordogne.

In this way, added to the messages broadcast throughout the country, are superimposed, for each establishment, announcements of activities, photos of events, memorable moments, the menu of the day, anniversaries, the weather, the current news, etc.

The display has also become an attraction: times are given to the residents for special viewing sessions. When everyone is gathered around the display, the manager launches the new content. A moment of sharing for the residents and the care and support teams!

When moving around and physical contact no longer exist, what remains?

More than ever during the Covid-19 crisis, non-physical communication has been necessary: not only to provide information about the health protocols put in place but also, and above all, to continue to create links between people and the establishments.

Remembering past events, celebrating good news, sharing the lives of the establishments… among the many kinds of messages to help residents and the teams of professionals feel less alone and be able to cope with this period of isolation.
Arnaud Bigex, director of communication

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