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Digital signage, a showcase for energy and environmental performance - EnergyLive

Digital signage screens provide many services and are directed at both employees and customers. They can broadcast contextualised content to showcase the brand, deploy internal communications, explain the DNA of the business and its commitments, broadcast special offers in sales outlets and provide practical services such as weather forecasts, driving conditions, etc. Among all the possibilities, Dalkia, specialised in energy services, promotes one: awareness of and participation by everyone in environmentally-friendly actions.

Communicating about environmentally-friendly actions

Today, increasing numbers of companies make commitments to understand and control their energy use.

The search for meaning and the need for transparency expressed by consumers and users are leading these companies to communicate about their environmentally-friendly actions, and as far as possible, to get these consumers and users to join them in responding to this challenge.

Dalkia, an EDF subsidiary, provides support to companies with this approach in carrying out its missions: improving sustainable well-being, developing renewable and recovered energies, making energy savings.

EnergyLive: making everyone a performance actor

With its EnergyLive digital service, Dalkia supports companies in enhancing the energy and environmental performance of buildings while strengthening awareness-raising actions for employees and visitors.

Dalkia offers a turnkey digital signage solution, EnergyLive, which aims to inform occupiers of and visitors to buildings about consumption and to raise awareness about environmentally-friendly actions. By displaying the energy performance of buildings in a simple and entertaining way, Dalkia invites everyone to contribute to environmentally-friendly actions.

The Cenareo service

To establish environmentally-friendly communications and raise awareness among its employees, Dalkia chose the Cenareo solution.

Cenareo’s digital signage solution makes publishing information easier and can be used by everyone. That is why Dalkia chose Cenareo: ease of use combined with simple integration of source data.

Cenareo is also

    • Remote screen management: connection status, switching on/off of screens, etc.
    • Content management: broadcasting frequency, times, duration, etc.
    • Creation of customised content
    • Integration of dynamic and RSS feeds
Content linked to the life of buildings

Display of the energy performance is direct, clear and easy to understand by everyone thanks to the illustrations of the energy use. This content, both entertaining and educational, raises visitors’ awareness. If necessary Dalkia offers its energy coaching services.

Even more than simple awareness-raising, the messages broadcast throughout the company have a far-reaching effect by informing, raising awareness and motivating people to implement environmentally-friendly actions. They encourage employees to switch off lights when they leave the office, to leave their computers on stand-by or turn down the air-conditioning when they are out, etc. The energy savings made can then be projected on the screens.

This powerful and effective partnership between Dalkia and the Cenareo solution is making a strong contribution to including employees and visitors in the company’s energy performance results. They are even becoming one of its main actors!

Dynamic screens: a valuable asset for building managers

Building managers can also broadcast their own content: welcome messages, opening hours, news about the organisation, prevention advice, various information, etc.

Templates (videos and montages) are provided for easy and fast message creation.

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