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How is PPG capitalising on waiting time in stores to boost its revenues and its image?

Interview with Sébastien Beaufils, Digital Trade Manager, PPG industrie

About PPG and Comptoir Seigneurie Gauthier:

200 stores in France selling paint and varnish for both individuals and professionals. The Comptoir Seigneurie Gauthier is part of the PPG Industries group, a leader in the coatings and specialty products industry.

Why was this digital signage project strategic for you?

We had the dual objective of reducing the amount of printed materials sent to stores whilst being more reactive in deploying our marketing information.

We had to roll out a rapid communication tool to ensure the coherence of marketing information at sales outlets. The project was wholeheartedly approved by the sales division and supported by the marketing teams, who found a physical link to all of their online activities.

In addition to the sales benefits, the screens give stores a fresh look unlike the old posters and brochures.

Digital signage enables us to run promotions in sales outlets and sales operations more dynamically.
What is your communication strategy for this media?

As our customers need to wait a few minutes whilst we prepare their order or colour match our products in store, we have designed a convivial waiting area where they can enjoy a hot drink and chat to our teams. The screens are located in these strategic areas as marketing tools. We mainly play videos featuring our latest offers and our sales drives, in order to alleviate the boredom of waiting whilst promoting all of our offers and services. These waiting areas bring customers together and are a focal point for our brand and the brands of our suppliers.

The main advantage of Cenareo is that the solution offers us great flexibility in our marketing. We can adapt messages depending on the geographical area or the sector in which the sales outlet is located, giving them greater impact and properly adapting them to the needs of individual stores.

Waiting time is now a time to socialise and learn more about our brand and our supplier brands.


What is the future of digital signage at PPG?

The screens are an essential tool and a prerequisite for all new stores. Whilst they address the issue of disseminating content rapidly and effectively, we would also like to monetise our screens with our suppliers. We are offering an omnichannel marketing package to our advertisers incorporating web presence, emailings and marketing campaigns on our screens. Our partners are particularly interested in this last point which gives them the assurance of reaching a qualified audience as close to the act of purchasing as possible. The overall objective is to make the screens profitable through the sale of these packages.

We are offering an omnichannel marketing package to our advertisers incorporating web presence, emailings and marketing campaigns on our screens.
What were your selection criteria for your dynamic signage solution?

We wanted a solution that was simple to deploy. We will soon have 200 sales outlets with different layouts and constraints. From the outset, the project required a considerable logistical effort and the involvement of many general service teams, as well as work to install new equipment in all of our stores. The teams greatly appreciated the introduction of the Plug & Play solution.

At PPG, we take the security of our IT infrastructures very seriously, and the solution proposed by Cenareo met all of the security requirements of our IT department. We therefore opted for a SaaS solution due to the high level of security offered and the ease of implementation.

Lastly, the simplicity of using and maintaining the solution on a daily basis was a key consideration. We wanted a solution that would enable us to communicate faster and more responsively, as well as to avoid burdening our teams with complex content and screen management.

3 selection criteria:

✅ Simple deployment

✅ Simple use and maintenance


Digital signage at point of sale reduces perceived waiting time and animates sales operations to improve the customer experience. You can also monetize your screens thanks to our intuitive, scalable Saas solution, perfectly adapted to the needs of retail professionals.

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