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Smartmedia beefs up its business with Cenareo

Following its first successful collaboration, the advertising company Smartmedia, which provides print and digital solutions for hypermarkets and shopping centres, is continuing its partnership with Cenareo.

Formerly Cenareo, this innovative company is developing an SaaS-based digital signage management solution that is both intuitive and collaborative. By reaffirming its trust in Cenareo, the group wants to bolster its national network and speed up the development of its digital offering, which currently makes up 70% of its sales.

We were originally looking for an agile, versatile operator to strengthen and expand our national digital network. Cenareo has proven to be a trusted partner for the past four years. The usability and simplicity of its management interface has allowed us to renew contracts despite increased competition.
Benoît Sineux, CEO of Smartmedia
With Cenareo, Smartmedia tailors to its customers

Cenareo offers a Content Management System (CMS) that makes it possible to remotely manage broadcasts on networks of display screens. As an advertising company active in department stores and hypermarkets, Smartmedia is rewriting the rules by creating a solution tailored specifically to its leasing customers. In addition to making its inventory available to advertisers, the company is leasing air time to its customers on each and every one of its screens. Leasing customers that have access to the Cenareo management platform can then schedule and broadcast communication campaigns for their shops, products, and events.

The share of voice is therefore shared between Smartmedia’s leasing customers and the advertisers whose content is managed by Smartmedia.

This model called for special development by Cenareo to support Smartmedia’s new model: separating the handling of share of voice. For companies leasing air space and for department stores and hypermarkets, this model is attractive because it delivers eye-catching communication directly to the shopping experience, with a very promising ROI and conversion rate.

Our collaboration with Smartmedia was a challenge, as we had to help them go digital. Together, we built a new functionality to suit their specific needs, on top of our traditional solution for advertising companies.
David Keribin, CEO of Cenareo.

Smartmedia’s customers took to the Cenareo platform in no time, particularly its usability. With dynamic display, Smartmedia customers can control what is broadcasted on a set of remote screens. Using the simple, collaborative turnkey platform gives them agility and flexibility, and it saves them valuable time. With this service, they are modernising their brand image, creating valued expertise, and providing accurate, up-to-the-minute information about their offerings, events, and promotions.

Our main business originally focused only on print, but we very much wanted to diversify so that we could offer a digital solution to our customers. With help from Cenareo’s teams (associates and developers), their willingness to adapt their solution to fit our needs, and how easy it is to roll out the platform, we were able to launch our digital option after just two years of development and increase our inventory of screens from 15 to 1,000 screens in the area. Today, our goal is to add 300 more screens each year.
Benoît Sineux, CEO of Smartmedia
Solution advantages:
  • Synchronised screens
  • Content creation
  • Collaborative management
  • Scalable network
  • Dynamic data flows
  • Share of voice management
  • Product reliability
  • Team responsiveness
  • Offline mode
  • Context-based broadcasting (responsive weather campaign, facial recognition, sensors, etc.)
An easily deployable solution with a quick return on investment

The market is constantly changing, and the new trend is to equip the inside of the sales area with display screens. That’s why Smartmedia is planning to enhance its offering in the following ways to meet customer demands:

  • Expand its options for inside sales areas, allowing managers to use screens for their own communications while also opening up air space for the advertising market
  • Qualify audiences to offer increasingly relevant spaces for advertisers, particularly through facial recognition software and audience measurements for each ad poster or billboard
  • Apply the rules of programmatic digital advertising to the physical world (ex. inventories available through instant auctions)
  • Expand these offerings to outdoor advertising by equipping car parks with LED panels
About Smartmedia

For 25 years, Smartmedia has been developing print and digital solutions for hypermarkets and shopping centres, including outdoor print display networks in shopping centre car parks, digital signage networks in department stores, and outdoor digital stands near the main entrances of shopping centres.

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