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The VandB distributor monetises its screens and launches new brands on the market

VandB is a company rooted in sharing and friendliness. It is a mindset, a search and a taste for discovery around brands of beers and spirits. It offers little known brands, selected by specialists.

The unforgettable moments of a good evening spent with friends can become frequent thanks to the many cellar and bar areas dedicated to discovery and tasting. VandB has 180 franchised stores in France and aims to go beyond the 200 milestone by 2020.

VandB, trend launcher

VandB wants to be a launcher and pioneer of new brands in the beverage industry in the country.

To realise its ambition, it is also counting on its fleet of Cenareo connected screens as well as its ability to proactively manage a customer-base of over 860,000 contacts. The first allows it to be a communication medium for newcomers to the market. The second ensures a focused and captive audience for new brand launches. The result: VandB is becoming a launch pad for brands country-wide.

VandB’s goal is to become a launch pad for beverage industry brands.
A unique launch offering

But the brands can count on the 1st cellar/bar network in France to launch themselves by benefiting from a complete promotional mechanism:

  • 180 franchises equipped with screens
  • A huge and qualified customer base
  • A real, managed community (for example, by the DevFest)
  • In-store traffic of +9.5million customers per year

In addition to being a special space to discover and taste these new brands, VandB offers on-screen communication spaces to an ultra-targeted audience.

Campaigns where sales volumes can increase 10 fold!
A win-win partnership

VandB is an innovative brand in terms of customer experience. It pushes the approach a little further by offering, with the aim of strengthening its brand identity and differentiation, to promote market newcomer brands. As an advertising agency, it sells communication slots on its displays, offering a very targeted audience to its suppliers.

It is a boost for the franchisees, who, through the financial revenues generated by these activities, offset some of their screen deployment costs. They are twofold winners: screens at a lower cost, relevant, controlled and tailored communications, and precise inventory management (the sales of certain brands according to their display on-screen).

VandB thus has the opportunity to make its screens profitable by monetizing them and continues to communicates about its own offerings and its DNA, nationally and regionally.

“Sharer of good times”, VandB places discovery at the centre of its relationship with its customers.

A great French brand, we adhere to its values. It perfectly illustrates Cenareo's vision: placing emotion at the heart of the dialogue between brands and their audiences.

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