Breaking News: Cenareo and Samsung form an alliance!

Why not Samsung? After Microsoft and Sharp, why not Samsung? It would be very beneficial for our customers: a high-performance, intuitive and digital CMS combined with high-quality equipment fitted with brand new technologies!

You could have heard a pin drop in the meeting room. At that precise moment, the idea of a new partnership was triggered.

A few months later, we were celebrating this alliance in Samsung’s Paris showroom, surrounded by our integrator and technological partners, i.e. Microsoft, Quividi, Altavia, CapHorn, TMM, Intellicast and Econocom.

Cenareo, the technical solution for new generation digital signage

To convince Samsung’s managers, it was simply a case of explaining Cenareo’s potential, an intuitive solution for broadcasting content according to contextual criteria.

Our tool in particular meets the strong demand of retailers who want to digitise their sales outlets. Digital signage is the solution in terms of the profitability of advertising campaigns. Retailers automate their communications in line with their business objectives.

Just Samsung was missing

As Cenareo was developed to be compatible with Android, Windows and Raspberry Pi, the tool becomes the native support of Samsung screens, based on the Tizen system. The integration into Samsung Smart Signage Platform Displays simplifies installation and maintenance of the screens by removing the need for external players. And there’s nothing more to add!

The users of the solution can now use their Samsung screens to promote their products according to the weather, improve their brand image, create in-store experiences and improve customer satisfaction.
David Keribin, CEO at Cenareo

And now, why not you?

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