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Hotels and hospitality providers should always strive to deliver the highest level of customer service to their customers to differentiate and elevate themselves above the competition. As a general rule, whatever information can be delivered via digital communications is going to be far superior to the user experience than normal paper or static messages.

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Whether it’s digital signs, information points, menus or interactive kiosks, you can vastly improve the guest experience, increase customer engagement, reduce perceived waiting times, and increase sales and brand loyalty by simply using digital signage. Here are some great ways to use digital signage in hotels and hospitality in general.

Digital Way-finding signage

Help your guests get where they need to go, when they need to go with easily accessible self-service maps and directories. The first step is to make your customer feel comfortable and confident in their new surroundings, so why not show property pictures and floor maps, as well as locations for lifts, cash machines, restaurants, the gym or pool? List directories of rooms, upcoming events, hotel staff and departments; point-to-point directions on your maps will also save your clients time and trouble.

Digital signage for Weather

When people are on holiday or even a short business trip, weather can make all the difference to their stay. By using digital dynamic weather feeds, you can show the current temperature, projected precipitation and even a seven-day forecast, that’s updated automatically from the digital signage platform throughout the day so your guests can plan accordingly. Including the day, date and time is also another snippet of information that your customers will appreciate.

Elevator digital signage

Placing digital signage in hotel elevators is great way to extend your branding strategy and for reputation management. You can show meus from the restaurants, promote loyalty programs, display special events or promotions, why not show your social media feeds to gain followers and participation? Alternatively you can advertise your hotel website or App. The sky’s the limit when you use digital signage in lifts or elevators as you have a captive audience that are bound to be receptive to colourful moving images.

Event signage

By harnessing the power of modern digital signage you can show personalised daily event schedules driven directly from your own calendar system. You can also fix room signs outside each communal area or individual bedrooms instead of using engraved static signs or placards. Digital room signs also have the ability to show messages to remind guests of mobile phone free-zones and break schedules.

Digital Signage for financial information

International travellers account for a large chunk of the premium hotel business. Displaying the latest currency conversion rates taken directly from the web, or advertising the Hotel’s exchange rate is a great way to keep customers up to date. Business travellers also have a general interest in current affairs and financial matters, so why not use a feed for the current status of the FTSE 100, CAC40 or NASDAQ?

Digital Signage for Transport Information

Ensure your guests travel to and from your location with ease, but also around the area, without complications. Showing airline, train and bus information, other public transport options, local Uber pick-up points and taxi stands, or even numbers for minicab services. By using digital signage to give this topical information you take the burden away from reception staff and concierge services by offering car hire, bus tickets, or flight check-in on interactive screens.

Digital Signage for Advertising

You can easily increase internal revenues of your establishment by advertising your services, amenities, shows, restaurants and bars on digital signage. Show still or video promotions for your on-site dining, gaming or retail outlets. Drive more sales, advertise special offers and discounts, and increase customer engagement with ease. You could also increase revenues by selling advert space on your screens to local non-competitive businesses for additional revenues.

Emergency Alerts and Announcements

In an emergency, people’s health and safety can depend on the accuracy and speed of the information and response given. From severe weather or a specific security problem, you can instantly override what’s on your screens to show preassigned alert messages with clear concise instructions for guests and staff alike. For less urgent times you can still show news and announcements at the reception or even in the back office or employee areas.

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Digital Menu Boards

Restaurant Digital Signage

“There is no industry on earth with more potential and more to benefit from digital signage than catering, restaurants or bars”. “A restaurant with an annual turnover of £1M / 1€M should expect a sales increase of more than 5% and a return on investment in less than a year from adding just one digital signage screen”*”*

The way that food is presented and looks is very important, it has a big effect on the buying decision and generally makes customers happier. If something looks great on the plate, or on a digital board, then it usually will taste great too. Digital menu boards not only make dishes look more appetising, they also deliver a level of efficiency to the industry that is unprecedented. To leverage these benefits, thousands of food service businesses have introduced restaurant and bar digital signage to enhance their branding, increase efficiency and improve sales. Restaurant digital signage is quickly becoming a standard feature in fast food restaurants, bars and casual or fine dining. If used properly, digital signs in the restaurant will improve customer communications and create a livelier atmosphere.

Walk into most restaurants nowadays and you’ll probably see digital signage. It’s not surprising as restaurant owners around the World are quickly discovering the benefits of using this technology. As budgets get squeezed and the competition gets tougher, restaurant owners are looking at ways to invest in products with more than one purpose that can deliver substantial ROIs. Restaurant digital signage is the most flexible medium available and can be used in a myriad of ways. These benefits include:

Deliver marketing and sales messages immediately and efficiently

Whether customers are already in your restaurant or just passing by, they don’t always see printed signage and other traditional media conveying messages about special promotions, deals, or new menu items. Digital signage can however leverage graphics, video and dynamic content to deliver information to clients or prospective customers in a more dramatic, attention-grabbing way, which is difficult not to see.

Up-selling is automated

Normally waiters and serving staff are briefed prior to opening on the specials available today, recommended wines and/or promotions, which can be effective. However, verbal messaging has its downfalls due to human error, as there is always a chance that servers will forget or be embarrassed to talk about the specials or neglect to paint a sufficiently enticing “picture” of the items you are attempting to promote. Customers are also prone not to listen to their server’s sales patter, or simply miss some of the message. Digital signage eliminates all these risks and is always there. The information it conveys is always up to the minute accurate, and the full-colour images it can use create a level of appeal and desire that cannot be matched using words alone. After all, a picture can paint a thousand words. The end-result is increased order sizes and more sales which will deliver a boost to the sales figures.

Change the menu in seconds

Updating normal menu boards to reflect price changes, adding new menu items/specials or the last minute unavailability of the most popular dishes is both time consuming and expensive. A digital signage solution allows you update your menu on the fly, delivering your message quickly, eliminating the need to replace traditional menu boards, and ensuring maximum exposure for special profit-building offers no matter how last minute they may be. Cenareo’s digital signage solutions allow restaurant operators with more than one outlet or a chain achieve even greater labour efficiencies by initiating updates of all menu boards in all stores, from a central location.

Additionally, many restaurants have different menus for different day parts—e.g., breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner. Switching-out static menu boards to accommodate variations in the offers is impractical, if not impossible. With Cenario’s digital signage systems, you can effortlessly alternate menus and prices by individual location and save time by letting the in-built algorithms initiate the changes automatically.

Comply with healthcare directives

Recently introduced catering laws mean that restaurants that are part of a chain must advertise the calorie count of their food and drinks on their menu boards. Digital signage makes it simple to alter nutrition information as needed and to remain compliant with local and national laws.

Digital signage for improved customer experiences

Digital signage screens can be used to entertain customers while they wait to be seated or during placing an order and receiving them. Incorporating value-added content, such as trivia questions, fun facts, and interesting imagery, lowers customer’s perceived wait time, enhancing their experience and cultivating long-term loyalty. You can enhance the look and appeal of your restaurant by incorporating digital signs at the front desk and toilet areas. You can share information about chefs, where your ingredients are sourced from and display positive restaurant reviews. You could even use dynamic feeds about your establishment from Trip advisor, Grubhub or Zomato!

Digital signage saves on paper, printing and delivery

Printing and delivery of traditional static menu boards implies a lot of unfixed costs. Digital signage eliminates these costs and is by far a more environmentally friendly approach to delivering information. Of course digital signage is not inexpensive and there’s an upfront fixed cost to consider; however, there are so many ways to see a return on your investment from digital signage, that not having digital signage could cost the owner of a restaurant or bars their livelihood.

* Digital Signage Association

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