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Digital signage is a communication tool that enables you to command the dynamic displays across a fleet of screens. Our solution empowers you to create, share and manage your stories on any display with perfect ease.

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Our Digital Signage Solution

You have great stories to tell, new experiences to share. Spreading these messages is now child's play thanks to Cenareo's easy to use SaaS platform. We've built a very powerful technology that's discreetly hidden under the bonnet of an ergonomic and intuitive interface. Bring your screens to life and deliver the best possible brand experience to your audience.

It's because we're passionate about beautiful stories, and delivering the most engaging messages possible that can be harmonised with their environments and the target audience. We develop our technology to bring the most contextualisation possible to our customers. Our screen communication tools, therefore make it possible to enrich the broadcasting of all multimedia content and the intelligent diffusion of messages.

Our solution adapts perfectly to the requirements of Point-of-Sale as well as Corporate Communications and external communications such as DOOH.

Digital Signage Explained

What is Digital Signage?

In broad terms, digital signage is centrally managed, individually addressable content distribution for the display of digital images, video, web pages, weather data, time, menus, or any form of text on remote screens.

Virtually any communication message can be delivered effectively with a digital signage solution. However, to achieve this in a coordinated and cost efficient manner, digital signage relies on an ecosystem of different yet complimentary technologies, that when harmonised form one of the most powerful communication tools available to man.

Because digital signage is becoming commonplace, the name has morphed into a catch-all, a generic term for all the different types of technology and processes being used in multiple ways to deliver digital signage.

Digital Signage Systems

So if digital signage is a collection of harmonised systems and technologies, what are they?

Digital Signage Hardware

To be able to run digital signage, you're going to need at least one screen. This could be an OLED screen, an LED screen, a projector, a TV, a tablet/phone, or a mixture of all of them! This is where your messages are going to appear, so size, efficiency and ruggedness will be important decisions to take depending on the location.

In addition to the display, you may need a digital signage media player (Cenareo offer free media players to every client), which will receive the signals via Ethernet or WiFi, convert them, and send them to the screen. Alternative solutions include Android and other propriety apps that you can download directly to the device or via a USB key.

Digital signage software

There are two elements to the software required to run digital signage. The first is the software running on the media player, or that has been downloaded to the device/USB. This tends to be open source or Python coded software written to convert the signal and play the messages, but just as importantly, communicate with the SaaS digital signage software platform.

Digital signage SaaS

The SaaS digital signage platform is the most important aspect to the whole solution as this is where you upload your content, create your messages, schedule and then disseminate your campaigns to your screens. Whilst all elements of the digital signage ecosystem are important, the creation and management of your messages are the most mission-critical.

Digital signage content

The content is often the hardest requirement to satisfy as you will always require the continuous creation of fresh content or a subscription at least, to relevant messages to keep the network fresh and engaging.

What is Digital Signage?

Digital signage can be found almost anywhere and everywhere nowadays. These including public spaces, airports, train stations, museums, stadiums, retail stores, hotels, gymnasiums, restaurants and corporate buildings. They provide cost-effective and above all completely flexible ways to deliver information to the right people, at the right time. So, in conclusion, digital signage consists of any size of screen displaying any type of content for any reason, anywhere in the World.

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Better, in every way

Benefits of Digital Signage

There are nearly as many benefits to using a digital signage solution as there are locations to install them.

Of course some are industry specific, but broadly speaking it can engage with the audience/target in a much more effective way than static signage ever could. Moving images, visually appealing graphics and the ability to refresh and change the content and context instantly ensures that all signage screens look exciting, up-to-date and relevant.

These are our top benefits of using digital signage and digital signage software...

Digital signage software means creative work is less expensive

Compared to traditional static signage, it’s far less expensive to develop, change, edit and roll-out new adverts for digital screens. In practice it means that you can run more targeted, local marketing campaigns via your digital signage software. Your digital marketing plan can now include local and community events as well. The flexibility of digital signage is truly outstanding compared to traditional medias, where for example you can create a campaign for hot weather, to sell ice creams, or hot drinks for colder days. These campaigns can be triggered manually, or even automatically based on temperature feeds from local weather reports!

Interactive digital signage

Digital signage can be interactive and as such can be used to engage your prospects or clients plus learn more about them from data-driven marketing. For example, you might run a social media promotion where customers can sign-up to receive email newsletters, or a case study in exchange for a discount. Waiting in line to check out with their smartphone is a great time to deliver that message to customers.

Digital signage reduces client boredom

The best thing you can do to improve a customer's experience when waiting is to keep them busy and entertained! A digital screen gives them something to do, and it's a lot less tedious to be in a queue if you’ve got something to watch, or distract you. As a result of digital signage, perceived queuing times are reduced.

Digital signage network

The lead time on a print or poster advert probably averages at around eight weeks. For most franchise restaurants such as MacDonald's, KFC and the like, it’s even longer. But digital signage is connected to the internet, and that gives you a digital signage network at your finger tips, to which current and relevant adverts can be rolled-out as easily as a social media post. It also means that you can run social media feeds, weather updates, blog posts; in fact anything you can run on a website, you can normally run on your digital signage network. You can also run extremely relevant and local ads.

Digital signage advertising

You can run relevant adverts depending on the time of day, the day of the week, month or local climatic conditions. Lunch adverts during lunchtime if you’re a restaurant, or if you have a retail accessories shop , you might run ads featuring umbrellas on rainy days and sunglasses on sunny ones. Flexibility is one of the key advantages of digital signage software. Digital signage advertising also increases purchase amount and dwell time by 27% each in retail business. In terms of digital marketing tactics, it’s hard to get a better bang for your buck.

Digital signage solution costs

Whilst initial start-up costs are higher with digital signage solutions, you will save money in the long-run by reducing print, administration and logistical costs. As a one-off expense, digital signage equipment is broadly regarded as a capital investment and thus comes out of an operations or IT budget and not necessarily the marketing budget. Even better, there are no print costs or ongoing labour costs for changing the messages at point of sale. Digital administration can be done by one person in a centralised location. So if you own 8 shops, you can update all of them at once. With just one person updating it, it’s easier to manage with the peace of mind that it has been done, and done consistently with brand standards.

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Always Up-to-date

Real-time Digital Signage

Have you ever seen an advert in a social media feed being constantly repeated? Or perhaps you’ve been presented with a special offer for a product after you’ve searched online and already bought it?

If you have, you’ll understand the importance of up-to-date and real-time content, and how dated information becomes irrelevant, wasting time and money. How long is your attention span when it comes to viewing content that’s out of date?

In reality it can have a negative impact on your brand or company reputation. The fact of the matter is that we live in fast-moving, 24-hour a day non-stop World, where our senses are being constantly bombarded with messages. Everyone subconsciously uses filters to find the snippets of information that are relevant to their lives and we discard the vast majority that are not.

Is digital signage any different? In a word, no. Historically, digital signage suffered from the same pitfalls as traditional medias in that there were multiple pain points along the path to delivering content. Media storage, content creation, screen formats, system updates, a lack of screen reporting, landscape/portrait conflicts were just some of the many challenges facing marketers and campaign managers alike.

But fortunately things have moved on…

The potential of modern digital signage was apparent from the start; however, the success of the new media wasn’t fully realised until there had been some major developments in the wider technical world. These included faster, more reliable connections to the Internet and a substantial fall in the costs associated with data storage. These developments paved the way for digital signage SaaS platforms and digital signage apps to flourish.

Clearly, if you can log into a control panel and change what’s showing on the screens across the whole of your network, in any country of your choice whilst sitting in the comfort of your favourite chair, then managing and updating a fleet of screens with new content becomes child’s play.

Arguably more important to the evolution of modern digital signage was the ability to use special apps for the creation of content. With a few clicks of your mouse you could include content that was already yours, and readily available from sources such as Twitter, YouTube, RSS feeds, even html links. Real-time content had come of age.

What is real-time content?

Real-time content is always connected to dynamic live content. It is up-to-the-minute relevant, as in effect it’s a live feed from the source. If you have ever been to a service station on a motorway and seen a map of the traffic flow on your journey ahead, or the weather report in that area, that’s real-time content. Real-time content is always searching for the latest and greatest, and the best bit is that it updates itself automatically. There’s no logging in, no hard refresh on the screen and no complicated content decisions. Real-time content is always refreshed, always up-to-date and always relevant. And when content is relevant, people are much more likely to be interested and engaged by it.

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With help from Cenareo’s teams, their willingness to adapt their solution to fit our needs, and how easy it is to roll out the platform, we were able to launch our digital option after just two years of development and increase our inventory of screens from 15 to 1,000 screens in the area. Today, our goal is to add 300 more screens each year.

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