Enterprise Digital Signage For Corporate Communications

You will not find a more feature-rich commercial digital signage solution than Cenareo!

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Internal communications

Office Signage

Enterprise digital signage software could be a very effective tool used to streamline your internal communication and improve reception design in the workplace.

Cenareo’s office digital signage solution can be used to: quickly inform your employees with the latest news, welcome visitors and convey a dynamic brand image all in one easy step. The platform allows you to broadcast videos or even update useful content such as the latest weather, news, social feeds, etc.) on digital screens throughout the office. For visitors and employees alike, digital signage can be a great vehicle to showcase the brand image and circulate internal communications in the workplace.

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Planning Internal Communications

Commercial Digital Signage

Digital signage could be used to improve inter-organisational cohesion and collaboration efforts within a company. Placed in strategic locations throughout the premises, a digital signage solution will help enhance your external image to visitors, while creating a sense of unity amongst your employees. Effective internal communication is a real motivating tool for your employees and can send a variety of information related to the company: results, meeting times, strategic directions, health and safety reminders, etc.

In large organisation, it can be difficult to break-down silo mentality found in different departments. Using digital signage in a clever and personal way, can help you unify your employees.

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Meeting Room Digital Signage

Help employees focus on the company values and relay all goals or departmental KPIs to your teams. Connect all your business tools and internal communications in one place (results, quantified objectives, internal social networks, Intranets) and have it all in display in your meeting or conference room.

Motivate and inform your employees
Relay on your performance metrics, goals, newsletters, and improve business productivity.

Modernise your image
Connect your internal tools and disseminate your up to date information in real-time automatically, without effort.

Digital Enterprise Signage
If your visitors have to wait, help them keep preoccupied and take the opportunity to inform them of aspects of your business they may not know about. You have a captive audience, so take the opportunity to let your organisation shine.

Cenareo Digital Signage Office Corporate
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Corporate Digital Signage Software

It's the most relevant solution for your internal communications. Digital signage is the new standard for effective communications in any business or organisation for many reasons:

Greater visibility

Increase your visibility by broadcasting all your messages and stories simultaneously, in every strategic place, or meeting points in your enterprise: meeting and training rooms, eating areas, workshops, storage areas, reception area, corridors, fire exits etc.

More productivity

Involve and actively stimulate your teams: dynamic presentation of monthly, quarterly and yearly objectives, your overall strategy, your reports, etc.

Higher attention

Drive interest of the greatest number possible by splicing information flows (news, sports results, weather ...) to capture the attention and convey the business messages without the risk of losing your employees attention.

Get closer

Stand-out from the crowd and competition by opting for a dynamic communication policy: seduce your customers, your suppliers, and visitors with a personalised welcome in your reception.

Digital Signage For Improving Workplace Safety

Employee safety will continue to be a critical area of concern for any workplace environment, whether it is to monitor and prevent accidents or provide real-time emergency messaging alerts during times of crisis, digital signage can be used around the workplace to help keep employees connected and informed throughout the day. Digital signage can also be used for other essential areas such as providing visual reminders and interactive cues for hygiene and sanitary practices e.g. handwashing or wayfinding to key health & safety areas such as first aid, medical kits or the fastest exit points.

Digital Whiteboards

Digital signage can also be used for teams working remotely. Virtual teams will be able to communicate and collaborate with another using Cenareo’s digital signage platform, keeping each other up-to-date with the latest project work, while not maintaining regular face to face communication.