Internal Communications Digital signage for corporate communications

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Internal communications

Business digital signage is a great way of reinforcing your internal communication strategy or elevating your reception strategy: inform your employees, welcome your visitors and convey a dynamic brand image in one easy step. Digital signage is an internal communication tool that allows you to broadcast videos or updated content in real-time (weather, news, social networks, etc.) on screens. For visitors or employees alike, workplace digital signage can inform and convey a more dynamic image of your business.

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Planning Internal Communications

Digital signage is a positive factor in employee motivation and business cohesion. In your reception areas, and in strategic locations throughout your premises, a digital signage solution will subtly inform your visitors, whilst enhancing your image and creating a sense of unity amongst your employees. Effective internal communication is a real motivational tool for your employees and can send a variety of information related to the company: results, minutes of meetings, strategic directions, health and safety reminders, etc.

It is often difficult to gather or at even remove a silo mentality throughout different departments in large organisations, but thanks to dynamic digital signage, you have a real unifying and mobilising tool for all your employees.

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Office signage

Focus your employees around company values and relay all goals or departmental KPIs to your teams. Connect all your business tools and internal communication tools in one point (results, quantified objectives, internal social networks, Intranets)

Inform your employees
Stream your performance metrics, goals, newsletters, and improve business productivity.

Modernise your image
Connect your internal tools and disseminate your up to date information in real-time automatically, without effort.

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If your visitors have to wait, reduce their perceived waiting time and take the opportunity to inform them of aspects of the business you might not normally get to know. You have a captive audience, so take the opportunity to let your organisation shine.

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Corporate digital signage software

It's the most relevant solution for your Internal communications. Digital signage is the new standard for effective communications in any business or organisation for many reasons:

Greater visibility

Increase your visibility by broadcasting all your messages and stories simultaneously, in every strategic place, or meeting points in your enterprise: meeting and training rooms, eating areas, workshops, storage areas, reception area, corridors, fire exits etc.

More productivity

Involve and actively stimulate your teams: dynamic presentation of monthly, quarterly and yearly objectives, your overall strategy, your reports, etc.

Higher attention

Drive interest of the greatest number possible by splicing information flows (news, sports results, weather ...) to capture the attention and convey the business messages without the risk of losing your employees attention.

Get closer

Stand-out from the crowd and competition by opting for a dynamic communication policy: seduce your customers, your suppliers, and visitors with a personalised welcome in your reception.

A digital software company is only as good as the Company it keeps...