About Cenareo, leaders in digital signage software since 2012

Created in 2012 by four gifted IT engineers, Cenareo (formerly CityMeo) is a highly innovative company that develops intuitive and collaborative solutions for managing digital signage in SaaS mode. This year, we were delighted to announce the opening of our first offices outside France in Munich, Germany; as we continue to expand and consolidate our market-leading business.

Powerful yet easy

The Solution

Open, intuitive and built with the user in mind. It’s an easy-to-use solution that enables companies to take a more inventive, informed approach to their communication strategies. More than 18,000 screens are currently managed via the Cenareo platform in over 32 different countries worldwide. We are tried and trusted by leading companies such as Axa, Boulanger, EDF, Etam, La Maison de la Presse, Phenix Groupe, Smartmedia, Shell, Triumph...

Our reputation for having the best digital signage platform wasn’t earned just by investing in code. We earn it every day through continued development and refinement. We have a highly customer-centric philosophy that continues to develop and improve, thanks to our talented development and testing teams. But the joy of having Cenareo as your digital software partner doesn't end there...

Data Centre

Our data centre is fully optimised in every aspect to guarantee maximum security and efficiency; we utilise only the latest and proven technologies to prevent any data loss or downtime. We’re fully prepared for any situation including fire, flood, power loss and other potential disasters to ensure our hardware is protected in even the most extreme circumstances. Located in Europe's largest IXP, AMS-IX near Amsterdam, our clients benefit from multiple connections to the World's fastest and best Internet exchanges. The primary advantages of having a direct connection to the backbone are cost, latency, and bandwidth. Our customers will never be compromised by on-premise, second rate solutions.


Our network is based on the very latest Microsoft Azure technology which benefits from decades of expertise from the World’s leading software provider. With built-in scalability and redundancy at no extra cost, we can accommodate any workload at any time and provide you with a continuous and reliable experience. For example, in the event that a router fails, another router will immediately start advertising its prefixes and take over, meaning that we’re highly unlikely to lose connectivity to the Internet and have vast reserves of bandwidth even when operating at full capacity.

Expert Support Staff

We only employ technical experts in our support team who are genuinely enthusiastic about the industry and thrive in a technical environment. Our support team is made of highly skilled and approachable professionals who know all of our systems inside out, back to front. They will resolve any question or problem regardless of its complexity, usually within 2 hours. Through our email and online support, they are on-hand to support and guide you as your digital signage grows.

Our values

We are dedicated to constant innovation in order to continually offer our customers the best service possible.

We will back you up through every step of your dynamic display project and help you embellish your on-screen communication.

We multiply partnerships to provide our customers with infinite possibilities and to boost their creative projects.


We work with our customers every day in order to combine their needs and our technology in the most effective way possible.

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