One solution, infinite possibilities.

Adding content from your computer or the internet, creating new videos, connecting external services to receive up-to-date information, planning, broadcasting from close by or remotely – all of this is easy with Cenareo. Our software solution revolutionises the way you use digital signage.

Why Cenareo?

Cenareo opens up a world of potential.

Enrich your communication within a live context

Benefit from all the possibilities that digitisation allows: flexibility, agility, personalisation and real- time publishing. Reach out to your target audiences with live updates, topical content, and engaging messages wherever they’re located to increase your brand’s exposure and reach.

Monetise your screens with programmatic capabilities

Integrate third-party advertisers into your display fleet to generate additional revenue streams and dramatically increase your return on investment. Our SAAS platform enables you to segment and further monetise your broadcasts by diversifying the marketing impact of your digital signage network.

Improve your customer knowledge with impression reports

Powerful real-time reporting tools allow you to follow the state of your screen fleet, your broadcasts and of your communication actions.

Automate your broadcast to give your stories greater impact

Make content broadcasting reactive to specific environments, using sensors that provide data for automatic scheduling without need for human intervention.

Target your audiences in real time to make your messages more impactful

Customise content to fit your business as well as your audience’s needs. Raise brand awareness or influence the purchasing decision by adjusting your messages to reflect specific demographics or environmental conditions, such as geographical location or weather.

Engage your audience with interactive stories

Numerous interactive solutions allow you to improve your customer relations exponentially, and deliver impressive quantitative and qualitative data. QR codes, captors and connected buttons allow you to offer games, competitions, service enquires or simply measure your audience and campaign performance.

Gain recognition and make your brand stand out

Improve your company’s brand awareness and recognition by building highly emotional, personalised and entertaining experiences.

Communicate without the technical constraints

Our technology supports you every step of the way in your marketing and communication goals. Our CMS is easy to use, requires no technical knowledge and allows you to focus solely on your messaging strategies.

Want to find out how our solution can work for you? Get in touch and let’s discuss how we can make your project a reality.