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110 synchronised screens to announce the VandB Fest

VandB is more than simply a brand. It’s a mindset, a taste for discovery, and good times among friends. Also a trend-setter on the French market, VandB strives, in an innovative way, to allow people to discover its partners and suppliers by promoting their beer and spirits brands.

Ambitious and innovative, it actively includes new communication technologies on screens. Digital technology naturally has a central place in VandB’s strategy. Thanks to this strong digital presence, as well as regular events for the public to discover its new products, the brand is able to make a real impact.

VandB Fest project: the brand’s music festival

VandB decided to create a festival to bring beer and wine lovers together with music lovers: the VandB Fest.

This first event was a resounding success, attracting more than 36,000 festival-goers in the Mayenne department between the 13 and 15 September 2019. Over these 3 days, 18 concert groups took turns to perform over 16 hours accross 3 stages. As part of the experience, 156 metres of bar space were set up so people could have a drink with friends and a memorable time at the festival.

A well-designed communications strategy

For the announcement of the festival, VandB used the Cenareo screens in their franchises to promote a surprise. As part of its digital strategy, the brand decided to be present in both the stores and on social media.

The adverts were combined with a catchy countdown and then broadcast to the 110 in-store screens, all synchronised to within one second.

The campaigns started simultaneously and were synchronised in all the franchised stores, thanks to the connected screens. An exceptional and creative strategy managed publications announcing clues daily before arriving at a countdown on the big day. All the screens were synchronised within one second of each other to display the surprise to the visitors.

A publication was then rebroadcast every 5 minutes for 1 hour.

This campaign was also visible on social media to capture the target audience out of the store and direct it in-store to discover this surprise.

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