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Boulanger optimises its time, ROI and customer experience with digital signage

Integrating a digital signage system in a store specialising in electronics, household appliances and multimedia, seems a fairly logical approach. However, logical does not always rhyme with simple. After several partners and experiences that did not live up to expectations, the collaboration with Cenareo finally transformed the idea into a sustainable project with high added value.

We were experiencing ridiculous situations where some of our screens malfunctioned and ended up being turned off by the store teams without us receiving the slightest alert... while still paying for a solution that didn’t work! A situation that fortunately ended thanks to the collaboration with Cenareo
Marion Montambaux, Visual Identity Manager, Boulanger
Boulanger’s objectives
  • Reduce the time and cost of setting up and maintaining screens
  • Improve the customer shopping experience and reduce perceived waiting time
  • Integrate omnibusiness with a centralised solution
The aim is not to add a layer of complexity and manage multiple stakeholders every time a screen fails, goes offline or needs to display new content.
Cenareo’s solution
  • Increased ROI: lower installation and maintenance costs and implementation of an appropriate screen monetisation solution
  • Reduction of perceived waiting time from 4 to 2 minutes: screens installed behind the checkout to improve the customer experience by broadcasting contextualised content
  • Harmonised communication across the entire network with an ergonomic solution that can be controlled remotely
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Before working with Cenareo, we had to manage screens that didn’t receive content updates, with temporary promotional visuals that did not disappear when they should have (we were still talking about sales when the period was over), and with time-consuming and inefficient content management.

The screens enable advertising space to be sold while enhancing the customer experience, which is likely to generate more revenue. A win-win technique!

Thanks to digital signage, Boulanger has put customer experience back at the heart of the store concept. All new stores that open their doors now include screens. The digital signage project has expanded: other locations are also being tested and the long-term aim is to equip all existing stores... An approach that creates an emotional connection and optimises the customer experience and customer relations.

More about the solution

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