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Mama Shelter hotels bring Cenareo in their bags

In 2018, Mama Shelter opened a new hotel in Prague. Visitors to the city of a hundred spires could now enjoy the unique, friendly and colourful atmosphere of this French hotel chain. Cenareo’s digital signal solution benefited from the journey, as it’s now followed the brand all over Europe.

Setting up the content was really very easy with a highly available technical team. Everything was ready for the opening of the hotel in Prague. Currently, nearly our entire chain uses the solution.
Emilie Garcia, Content Manager, Mama Shelter
The DNA of “the hotel which shakes up conventions” on the display screens

As it expands, Mama is facing the same challenges as all large brands: keeping its identity and making its DNA international.

Affordable and fun, a Mama Shelter hotel is recognisable by its cosy lobby, decorated with slightly wacky splashes: electric hues, pictures drawn on the walls, a design by Philippe STARCK ...

It’s no accident that Stylist voted Mama hotels as “the coolest in the world”.

Its DNA is also movies, videos, images. It’s the first chain to make movies available to guests free in the rooms as well as photobooths!
A reflection of this pop culture conveyed in cinema, the rooms often contain Looney Tunes masks or other gimmicks from the cartoon world.

Quite naturally, the hotel has installed screens in the main guest rooms to convey this DNA and foster this slightly offbeat atmosphere.

Deploying a management solution on the occasion of an opening

It all started with the hotel opening in Prague. Cenareo was there in the lobby for 24-hour broadcasting, on perfectly synchronised screens, excerpts from old movies, resized for the occasion (yes... the 16:9 format wasn’t always the norm!).

At Mama, we’ve done this right from the start, we’ve broadcast excerpts of old films and cartoons. This is part of the brand identity. In most Mamas, they are even shown on screens in the ceiling… and in the toilets
Emilie Garcia, Content Manager, Mama Shelter.
Other destinations in sight

Mama Shelter hotels can now be found in Los Angeles, London, Rio de Janeiro, Paris, Belgrade, Marseille and Toulouse. And Cenareo is again in Mama’s bags.

Mama has created a common programme for all of its hotels. Three broadcast scenarios are systematically available to the managers. The screens showing the same scenario (3 “channel” options available) are synchronised, i.e. they play the same content at the same time, giving a perfect display.

Inside each hotel, the broadcast is continuous, to accompany the pace of this hotel that is constantly on the go.

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