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AXA France entrusts Cenareo with replacing its fleet of internal communication screens

To communicate to its 16,000 employees in France, for ten years AXA France had used internal communication screens deployed country-wide in thirty sites. National communications (information bulletins, strategic news, stock markets, calendar) are broadcast to the whole country, while in the regions, each site can add local information completely independently.

The issue of replacing ageing players

To upgrade an ageing fleet and meet the group’s technological needs, it was decided to renew the digital signage solution.

This change was also an opportunity to review the contractual aspect of the relationship with the future solution provider. As AXA France’s Communications Department was the owner of display players, each replacement of a defective or obsolete equipment item represented an extra expense.

As such, in seeking a new solution, preference was given to a subscription model. More practical and functional, by definition it resolves the issue of players’ obsolescence, their wear and the constraints of major updates.

Seeking the best cost-effectiveness

For Loïck Zoccola, web project manager at Axa France, a service involving a subscription to a management platform combined with the provision of a player is the best option: “It allows transparent management without commitment to a partner.

And especially, “we will be able to terminate without being left with equipment in our hands.” Indeed, in a model where the equipment is provided to users, the end-of-life process is managed by the provider. Also the budget is not affected by its medium- or long-term obsolescence.

Priority to AXA’s security requirements

The choice of the solution does not simply depend on the business model, but also the provider’s security guarantees. Indeed, the security systems of a large insurance group must be impenetrable.

Axa France’s IT department, for whom data protection, vulnerabilities and network intrusion are sensitive issues needed to be consulted in choosing the CMS.

Seeking an agile and innovative solution

AXA France concentrated on finding a simple and agile solution. Being easy-to-use was essential. The interface needed to be usable quickly with little training required for its users: the communications department and the communications officers in the regions.

Simplicity and innovation, in both the business model and in using the tool was what Loïck Zoccola was seeking for AXA France’s Communications Department.

Demanding requirements and one watchword: responsiveness!

Among the criteria used in making the choice, responsiveness was a must. As Loïck Zoccola explained, “replacing a fleet of screens, with daily communication campaigns being broadcast, is much more complicated than an installation starting from scratch.” There could be no disruption in communications.

A solution had to be found which combined these requirements while allowing fast and snag-free deployment.

The screens had to continue to operate and their renewal needed to be seamless for the staff.
Cenareo meets the specifications

With these demanding criteria to be met, AXA France chose our solution: “The Cenareo solution passed all the tests and is now deployed in 30 sites of the insurance group”. Besides a simple service contract, a true partnership has been established. “We have built a real win/win exchange between Cenareo’s technological experience and AXA France’s specific needs.

The everyday solution: ease of use and rights’ management

In total, a network of 200 screens across the whole of France and in all of AXA France’s administrative buildings has been installed. To ensure fast snag-free, disruption-free deployment, we worked with the integrator TMM. In just one month, the players with their preloaded content were up and running.

Everyone appreciates how easy they are to use. The solution is accessible to all the users. The fleet is managed nationally, regionally and locally by different employees with different rights to the screens. In all, 30 people communicate on the platform with different levels of use.
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