Cenareo & Tshoko: a partnership to assist businesses in creating a 360° brand identity

Because our mission is to bring more emotion into the dialogue between brands and their audiences, we are teaming up with Tshoko, a turnkey sound solution, to offer a sensory image and sound package. Brands will therefore be able to go further in building their images and easily create, with a single contact, in addition to their visual identity, a tailor-made sound environment.

Cenareo, a digital signage solution, Tshoko, a sound design solution

With Tshoko, we can help you build a powerful, emotional, 360° brand identity. Because sound affects us subconsciously and its sensory power becomes apparent in just a few notes, Tshoko will reveal the brand’s DNA thanks to its sound identity. Complementing the visual expression of the brand, provided by Cenareo through its screen-projected images, the result is a strengthening of the entire brand identity.

We’re very excited about this new partnership which will meet our customers’ sensory marketing needs for internal and retail communications. Tshoko is the brand’s sound identity and Cenareo is its visual identity. Our values tie in with theirs and we share the same DNA. Like us, Tshoko wants to create emotion and make life easier for communicators!”, David Keribin, Co-founder of Cenareo, explained.

Our two solutions are designed to be easy to use and they are based on similar technologies: a plug and play player combined with an SaaS management interface. Each of them is used to remotely control a fleet of screens or the musical environment of a group of sites.

With Cenareo, we contribute to strengthening brand identity and improving the employee or customer experience. Our job is to give soul and character to a location or a brand. Thanks to our reliable technologies and the quality of our content, our customers’ only concerns will be to ensure that the speakers are switched on and the screens are plugged in! Together we provide a customer experience focused on the visual and sound experience
Maxime Meregnani, co-founder of Tshoko
Cenareo has tested and likes

We have tested the solution for our internal communications. We let all the Cenarists try out the solution and play with Tshoko’s Jukebox 2.0. The system is ultra-simple. Everyone, from their own smartphone, can add pieces to the music feed or vote for their favourite songs already in the playlist. A great atmosphere and a varied playlist guaranteed! We love it!

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