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Our digital signage solution allows you to create and manage messages on all your display screens from your computer, smartphone or tablet.

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Our dedicated digital signage platform connects all your screens, with or without our player, and enables you to create communication scenarios tailored to your audience and your messaging context. Is it raining? Your summer holiday promotion appears automatically on the screen!

Our player

A standalone player, provided so you can connect your screens to the platform. It guarantees continuous broadcasting, with never a blank screen. Once connected up it is instantly controllable remotely via the CMS.

Our platform (CMS)

Accessible from any device, it enables you to manage screens and their content (add, create, gather, orchestrate etc.).

Your digital signage screens

Always live, they are never blank. Whether or not you already have the equipment, we can offer you a full, appropriate response


Bring your dynamic screen to life with just a few clicks

Existing content

Collect all your existing content or import it from YouTube.

Content creation

Create videos or montages online using our content creation tool.


Add context to your communication: broadcast your messages automatically according to the weather outside.

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Imagine all your on-screen communication scenarios

Cenareo Digital Signage Pas de limite de contenus

No content limit

  • Send all your images, videos and PDF documents
  • Create and customise videos directly online
  • Enhance your screens with automatically updated dynamic feeds (weather, Twitter, information, calendar, traffic, weather, etc.
  • Collect all your videos hosted on YouTube, DailyMotion or Vimeo
Cenareo Digital Signage Tous vos scénarios possibles

All your possible scenarios

  • Automatic programming algorithms
  • Inter connectivity with third party solutions (API)
  • Choose your message context: weather parameters, stock levels, audience criteria, top sales etc.
Cenareo Digital Signage Une gestion de parc optimisée

Optimised system management

  • Reporting and statistical reports
  • System health status: warnings and notifications if an abnormal situation is detected
  • Unlimited system expansion
  • Modules dedicated to installers and integration for ease for installation
The Player

Manage your advertising screen with or without our player

The Cenareo player

Our player is compact and lightweight. It is connected to the screen via an HDMI cable and connected to the network via an Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi. It broadcasts in Full HD (1920 × 1080) and equally well in landscape or portrait format.

It is fully Plug & Play: once connected, its starts up by itself and shows your content without interruption, even if the connection is lost.

Use without the player

Our solution also works without a player on certain ranges of Samsung, Sharp, Philips and Android screens.

Advantages of the “no player” model:

  • Reduced energy consumption
  • One less potential source of technical problems
  • Simpler logistics
  • Simpler installation

This compatibility also gives you access to the equipment best suited to your needs (high luminosity screens for shop windows, stretch screens etc.)

Le Player Cenareo
Cenareo Digital Signage Partners
Cenareo Digital Signage Our Solution

Our turnkey digital signage solution

Annual subscription to our management platform includes:

  • Access to the SaaS platform available on all your devices
  • Player provided
  • Unlimited user account creation
  • Collaborative management
  • Unlimited broadcast items
  • Unlimited use of content creation templates
  • Access to real-time and historical broadcast statistics
  • Automatic updates and new features included
  • Support and training

Our partners

We work hand-in-hand with numerous partners to guarantee you the best user experience with our solution and offer you ever more features.

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