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Our market-leading digital signage solution makes it simple to create, schedule and disseminate all of your messages on all of your screens.

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Digital signage is the perfect tool to boost your business, upgrade your sales points, revitalise your store and increase your business’s productivity. Its amazing versatility allows you to completely modernise the image of your company, to promote your expertise at a point-of-sale or a reception, or simply to replace the cork notice board.

It is also perfect to brighten up communal spaces, for promotion in chemists or drug stores, menus in restaurants and property details in estate agent windows, entertainment in waiting rooms, or to subtly guide visitors and welcome them into tourist offices.

Signage control – It starts with us!

We’ve developed the easiest to use digital signage solution available on the market. It is genuine 'Plug & Play' and only takes a few minutes to get up and running. If you do run into problems, you can take comfort in the knowledge that Cenareo will support you every step of the way; from installation, connection to our platform right through to delivering your first campaign, we're here to help.

Digital signage media player

Our genuine Plug & Play player will arrive pre configured and ready to rock. Supplied with a micro USB power lead and an HDMI cable, there's everything you need in the box to get you started in minutes! Connect your screens and you'll have full remote access within 10 minutes. There is no easier system on the market.

Zero configuration

Real Plug & Play: As soon as your player is connected to the Internet and a power source it will automatically start and begin to send your content to the screen. No technical knowledge is needed and there's certainly no advanced configuration required. In a few seconds, you will have connected your screens and started to communicate. It's as easy as that!

Connected Digital Signage

The Cenareo player works equally well with a simple Ethernet cable, a local WiFi network connection or a mobile connection (3G/4G). You can therefore connect your media player in a way that suits you or the specific location of the screens.

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Cenareo Digital Signage Our Solution

Au Revoir Black Screens

Enjoy a full range of features when using our software and say goodbye to static communication and black non-functioning screens!

Cenareo Digital Signage Solution 00

Player plug & play

No need to worry about the installation anymore: simply plug-in, connect to the Internet via Ethernet, WiFi or 3G/4G and away you go! It's never been easier to start using digital signage.

Automatic Scheduling

Let the intelligent algorithms within our SaaS platform do the hard work and automatically schedule your stories, or alternatively move into manual mode and take control full control.


Our interfaces and algorithms adapt to your needs.

Intuitive navigation

Control your screens with ease, from your PC, tablet or smartphone.

Personal Tailored Assistance

Choose Personalised assistance where we're with you every step of the way.


Our solution can be installed and used without any technical skills whatsoever. It's literally child's play to install and operate.

Multiple Screens

Synchronise all your screens at the same time and give your messages greater immediacy.

Content Creation

Numerous customisable high-quality video and photographic templates available.

Continuous Display

Our media player will continue to broadcast without interruption, even without an internet connection. No black screens!

Constant Upgrades

All improvements and updates – preventive or curative – are included. We upload updates, security patches and new versions of the operating system directly from our servers. There's no maintenance required from our clients, we take care of all of that.

Maximum Compatibility

All image and video formats are accepted. You can run your messages on any screen, OLED, LCD, LED. Any size, any make and at any orientation, landscape or portrait.

Diffusion Continues

The end of black screens! The Cenareo player broadcasts without interruption, even without an internet connection.

Support and Assistance

We will support you every step of the way on your digital signage journey; we offer rapid, personalised support and assistance to each and every client.

Real-Time Operation

Control and supervise your screens in real-time, and be notified of any issues or problems immediately via the SaaS platform.

Co-operative Management

Manage your communications and messages in collaboration with your team thanks to a variety of access levels and collaboration sharing.

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