Cenareo adds Google Reviews to Digital Signage

Cenareo now lets businesses integrate Google Reviews into their digital signage, via its content management system (CMS). Any Cenareo customer can now easily add Google Reviews to its displays, showing the latest feedback written about them on Google. The reviews can run as a looped feed on a dedicated display or displays – a Google Reviews wall – or be incorporated into an engaging broadcast schedule alongside information from other sources including news and weather feeds and brand content.

Talking about the new feature, David Keribin, co-founder of Cenareo said: “Customer feedback is the most powerful form of marketing; good reviews have the power to convert prospects into customers and to turn customers into a community. By adding Google Reviews to the library of content that our clients can choose from we are empowering them to have a conversation with their audience and put customer voices alongside their own.”

For retailers, the ability to highlight reviews can have a profound affect; research shows that 76 percent of people trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation. Showing reviews at the right time – for example, when a prospective customer is passing by, or waiting for a sales assistant – can develop the trust needed for someone to choose one brand over another.

Displaying reviews also reminds people that the business welcomes and values customer feedback, encouraging customers to leave more reviews. The number and quality of reviews that a business has is essential for search engine optimisation (SEO), making the business easier to find online.

Using digital signage to show Google Reviews is not only useful for retailers, it can improve corporate communications in any business. Broadcasting positive reviews can help to impress visitors and motivate departments at head office, it can help the customer service team to monitor the latest feedback, and it can inform research and development about real audience reactions.

David Keribin says, “we look forward to working with our customers to explore new ways of using Google Reviews for sales and marketing, for internal communications and even for product and service development.”

To learn more about Cenareo’s new Google Reviews Integration and how to personalise it for your business, get in touch!

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