Digital signage to transmit the DNA of “the hotel which shakes up conventions!”

Mama Shelter, the “one-of-a-kind” hotel chain is spreading fast with a big F. It is exporting its DNA and offering its unique experience in the major French and European cities. In June 2018, Mama arrived in Prague with Cenareo in its luggage...
The solution was initially deployed for the opening of this new establishment. Since the brand is being exported and to ensure the harmony of the brand image internationally, Mama Shelter wanted to deploy a system for managing its fleet of screens shared by all its hotels. In fact, video is at the heart of the brand’s DNA.

At Mama, we’ve done this right from the start, we broadcast excerpts of old films and cartoons. This is part of the brand identity. In most Mamas, they are even shown on screens in the ceiling… and in the toilets.
explains Emilie Garcia, Content Manager at Mama Shelter.
The system set up

Mama Shelter has created a common programme for all the hotels. Three broadcast scenarios are systematically available to the managers.
Inside each hotel, the broadcast is continuous, to accompany the pace of this hotel that is constantly on the go.
The screens showing the same scenario (3 “channel” options available) are synchronised, i.e. they play the same content at the same time, giving a perfect display.

Setting up the content was very easy with a highly available technical team. Everything was ready for the opening of the hotel in Prague. Today the solution is deployed in other hotels of the brand.
Emilie Garcia, Content Manager, Mama Shelter

The screens are placed in the lobbies and in screens on the ceiling...of the toilets!

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