Cenareo equips Etam and Undiz stores throughout Europe

Strengthening brand images across Europe

Already incorporated into the new flagship store launched on 9 November 2019, rue Halévy, and a few stores of the network, the Cenareo solution will be deployed in all new store openings for the Etam and Undiz brands in Europe. As a reminder, the Etam group has 1,429 outlets in 55 countries.

This new key partnership is part of the strategy announced by the ETAM group to strengthen the image of its brands across Europe, already phygital pioneers in the Retail world.

Great stories to tell

With compelling communication campaigns under way targeted at their customers and innovations such as the Etam Connect loyalty programme, the group has no lack of great stories to tell. Cenareo gives the power to these 2 brands to create an infinite number of scenarios to stream these messages to in-store screens and shop windows, according to their dissemination context.

With this collaboration we are concentrating fully on the in-store experience to engage and retain our customers. Cenareo’s solution both meets our needs for easy and rapid deployment across many countries and the needs on the ground, i.e. having an easy-to-use solution for delivering content to all the screens of the network.
Isabelle Roue, ETAM Retail Marketing Manager
The system set up

We have worked closely with the Etam group and the Retail Media content creation agency.
The particularity of the group’s stores is that each store is equipped with different screen formats, requiring seamless integration of the digital content in the store layout.
This means that the communication campaigns and content are designed to adapt to each different screen format; about 20 in all.

Although we were able to reassure the group about our ability to support their international deployment, it was also our disruptive business model, like the team itself, that convinced Etam. Subscribing to the Cenareo management platform, means they can offer a seamless customer experience and perfect brand consistency between their on-line and off-line communications. This allows the group to stream an infinite amount of content to an infinite number of users.
David Keribin, CEO Cenareo

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