Signage displays are now your computer screens!

To support companies in their mission to protect the health of their employees, Cenareo transforms the Chrome browser into a continuous source of information related to Covid-19. The aim? Make it easy to instantaneously relay essential COVID-19 messages and information.

Because effective communication is key to informing and protecting the team, even when remote working, Cenareo is offering a free Chrome extension that relays daily updated certified prevention guidance and messages from Government and WHO sources and other partners.

For employees who have installed the ’Cenareo Covid-19 (EN)’ extension, these messages will be displayed automatically when they open a new tab in their web browser. It is a simple and effective tool that can supplement mandatory signage in offices and act as a valuable information stream for persons who are teleworking.

Available for free on Chrome, this extension meets the genuine need for companies to share important COVID-19 information easily and effectively with their employees, even when teleworking.

This extension is part of a suite of growing digital signage options that are available to extend the digital signage experience for workers and managers, while remaining easy for team, or company communicators to manage.

Trying out the extension couldn’t be easier, simply click on the link below within your Chrome browser and share it with your employees.

Try it!

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