Digital out of Home advertising Easily manage unlimited outdoor screens with Cenareo's digital signage for DOOH

Supercharge the impact of your out of home campaigns with Cenareo's market-leading, intuitive SaaS platform. Create, schedule and deploy multimedia content (images, video or real-time dynamic content) on every type of screen (LCD, OLED, QLED and LED panels) indoors or outdoors.

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Choose Cenareo and you're opting for the easiest and most powerful solution on the market

1. Connect

Connect with ease our true 'Plug & Play' media player to any type of display (LED, LCD...) either via Wifi, Ethernet, 3G/4G. Our promise to you? No more black screens!

2. Control

Manage all your screens and their content remotely with our SaaS platform and it's intuitive tools and algorithms.

3. Target

Add value to all of your screens and spaces by precisely targeting your audience.

Advertising Billboards

Changing the direction of OOH by adding more context to messages

By broadcasting your messages in context you immediately gain 20% more retention*. By adding third-party services to our APIs you can further automate dynamic content delivery.

  • Weather reactive campaigns
  • Campaigns with geolocation
  • Monitored traffic flow
  • Sales and stock levels
  • News and Events

By integrating seamlessly with our platform you'll be able to precisely segment your screen network; in conjunction with your customers, you can build the most creative communication campaigns possible. You can broadcast the messages at the time and the place most relevant to the product/service on offer, thus delivering higher values at the maximum price for the schedule. This results in an excellent ROI from your network with a promise of an equally excellent ROI for your customers.


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The acclaimed media channel by all advertisers


Advertising context is the game-changer for out of Home advertising as more and more advertisers return to a media which lost its shine with the advent of online advertising. *FEPE


After analysing and testing all the solutions available on the market, we chose Cenareo; the only solution that allows us to deploy fast and manage with ease our 1 200 screens. Best of all, the customer service is exceptionally responsive!

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