Our priority is helping our customers manage the crisis

At a time like this, good communication and dissemination of good practice is key. This is why we are adapting our product and offers to the situation.

Whether it involves internal or external communications, we are committed to helping our customers manage the health crisis so they can better communicate to their customers and employees.

For this purpose, we have made visual and video content available on our platform free of charge so that it too can provide information.

  • The official videos are freely accessible from the platform and available for both vertical and horizontal screens.

  • In order for each customer to create their own prevention messages, a new model has been specially added to the platform.

  • A new feed dedicated to health information can be displayed on screen thanks to our partnership with upsanté.net. Every day, this feed broadcasts two short news items on health news: ‘Sleep and confinement’, ‘Virus persistence on surfaces’. All questions that anyone can ask themselves!

Find all these new products in your management space.

For customers who can no longer use their screens due to the closure of shops and businesses, we offer them alternative solutions, i.e.

  • For screens located within the store signs: switch off the screens by configuring the closing times directly from the platform to reduce their energy consumption.

  • For screens visible from the street: broadcast communications adapted to the health crisis to support the national effort and avoid black screens.

Our entire team remains at the ready to help you. If you have any questions at all, contact us.

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